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CompTIA IT Fundamentals All-in-One Exam Guide: Exam FC0-U51 Publisher S Note Products Purchased From Third Party Sellers Are Not Guaranteed By The Publisher For Quality, Authenticity, Or Access To Any Online Entitlements Included With The Product This Effective Study Guide Delivers % Coverage Of All Topics On The CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam Take The CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam With Complete Confidence Using The Detailed Information Contained In This Comprehensive Self Study Resource Written By Two Of The Industry S Leading CompTIA A Authorities, The Book Serves As Both A Powerful Exam Preparation Tool And An Ideal On The Job Reference CompTIA IT Fundamentals All In One Exam Guide Exam FC U Offers Complete Coverage Of Every Exam Objective And Follows The Proven Methodology That Has Established Mike Meyers As The Name In CompTIA Training And Certification Readers Will Learn How To Identify Computer Components, Set Up Software, Establish Network Connectivity, And Minimize Security Risks Learning Objectives, Chapter Summaries, Practice Exam Questions, And Exam Tips Highlight Key Points Throughout Complete Coverage Of The CompTIA IT Fundamentals Exam FC U Written With The In The Trenches Voice And Clarity Mike Meyers Is Known For Electronic Content Includes Customizable Test Engine With Practice Questions, An Introductory Video From Mike Meyers, And A Link To Over An Hour Of Free Video Training Episodes From Mike Meyers CompTIA IT Fundamentals Certification Video Training Series

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    Good book but.If you re planning on buying this book to take advantage of the 10% off of exam fees that the book promises Don t bother The code is for the US only which it doesn t specify on first glance.Otherwise the book is very informative, the authors advise to read the book twice before doing any exams and I have just finished my first pass.Despite it being a

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    Got this book to help me prep for the new beta FC0 U61 This book is well written and covers a good amount for the original FC0 U51 exam.The new exam goes a lot into software and basic coding None if that is covered in the book As the new exam is out soon I would personally hold off buying this book Wait for Meyers to make an update.

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    Great book I am starting an IT career and this book really helped to understand fundamental concepts I recommend.

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    I haven t finished reading it yet, but so far, it is really good.

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    This book is spot on I started on the A book, read up to chapter 12 then circled back around and bought this book Then purchased the practice exam and video package Took CompTIA test the and passed, on the first go round with a 92.4 %, The practice test are very similar to the real tests There are some differences The book does an excellent job of preparing you for the

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    I first found out about this series while watching Mike Meyers A course on Lynda His videos were very amusing but I thought I would be best served by easing my way into the infomation with the IT fundamentals book I eagerly awaited its release and so far I have not been disappointed The book explains the concepts easily and well My only problem is that, as of now, the c

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    If you re looking for something to get you started in the IT field and you re a millennial with 0 15% experience, then this book is for you It really gets into detail and it will not make you lost like most IT books I definitely recommend this book to anyone wanting to get into the IT field.

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    This book is a great introduction to personal computers In an easy to read style, it covers all the basics for the average computer enthusiasts, or the first step for anyone aspiring to begin a career in IT Its main focus is on Windows PC s, but where appropriate, it does include a brief mention of Macs The major operating systems are discussed, including Windows, Linux,

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    I purchased this book for the IT Fundamentals exam I studied it for a few weeks at a steady pace and I felt pretty confident about my knowledge and chances of passing ITF When I went into the exam, my confidence took a huge hit and suddenly my 10 10 confidence level shrunk down to a measly 6 10 confidence level And here s why The book was very thorough It has all the infor

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    Great guide, helpful tips, and comes with a software to practice with the exam.I would give it a 5 star but the first chapter and a couple of others had practice questions that did NOT coincide with the answers.It comes with question and answers review but there are some question and answers that did not match.

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    This book is the perfect resource for studying for the CompTIA IT Fundamentals exam I passed with flying colors Thank you.

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    I opted for the ereader It is very easy to read Like the end of unit review tests and the test simulator is great Wish there was a test phone app to continually take test questions.

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    Perfect book to learn most important basics required by the layman Good questions and answers in each chapter also Great author, organization and glossary Read thru it twice now..

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    I like the book it s pretty intresting for those of you who want to begin your IT certification journey start here

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