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Looking for Adventure Looking For Adventure PDF Epub Author Valentina Heart Pembspm.co.uk Genre LGBT ContemporaryAfter Being Diagnosed With A Brain Tumor, Jonathan Looks Back On His Career Focused Life And Sees Nothing But Empty Years Behind Him His Desire For Success Has Left Him Without A Single Happy Memory, And Completely Alone.While Shocked By The News, He Stumbles Into Nino A Man Without A Steady Job, Without A Permanent Home And, As Happy As A Person Can Be On The Spur Of The Moment They Set Off To An Adventure By The Sea, With Good Food, Loads Of Sun, And Rising Attraction Only Both Hide Secrets From Each Other As They Fight Against The Sparks That Keep On Lighting The Flames.They Set Out For Some Fun, But Found The Adventure Of Both Of Their Lives Publisher S Note This Book Contains Explicit Sexual Content, Graphic Language, And Situations That Some Readers May Find Objectionable Male Male Sexual Practices.

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    You know, when I read the blurb to this one I couldn t help but think of the movie The Bucket List LolAnyway, I really enjoyed this book It s the kind of book you want to read when you want a little bit of angst with a dying character but know for sure there s going to be a miracle at the end It s a sweet read that had me shedding a few tears but had me smiling by the end of th...

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    Perfect summer read First of all, I regret having booked my vacation before reading this book, because it made me want to go there I was glad I spent a few hours in that slice of paradise I felt I had a few things in common with Jonathan because I ve been work driven for such a long time and I suffer from chronic headaches, so I admit I was also a bit scared and sometimes I felt the story was

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    Even though I read the blurb and knew that the MC was diagnosed with a tumor with only months to live, I still decided to read it, but was still a little wary about how this was going to end up I am glad that I continued with the story This is truly a wonderful story about living life to the fullest and falling in love There are some parts of the story that you have to let go of realism to a certain deg

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    Mine is the second review Brain cancer is a life changing event Jonathan has no family and few friends He focused purely on his career He s wealthy and successful with a large office and great condo It s debatable if his Pathfinder defines wealth Personally, the Porsche Cayenne screams wealthythan a Pathfinder The inoperable brain cancer and less than two months to live is a wakeup call for Jonathan He s worked s

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    Completely satisfying on multiple levels This was a page turner that I didn t want to put down by a new author for me It definitely made me constantly think, What would I do I picked this book to read as part of my monthly category challenge I went into it with a sizable dose of trepidation based on the blurb I like books that draw out my emotions, but probably like many people, don t necessarily want to knowingly head int

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    This is my longest soon to be published book I would also dare to say it is the best so far The idea didn t come from a movie or a book this time, it was a collection of experiences which I wanted to share with people who have never visited my country I focused on the beauty of one of the islands here and modified my ow...

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    I liked the idea that stressed out, uptight lawyer Jonathan finds out he has two months to live, and actually does something to improve his remaining time Namely, going away on vacation, with a new friend that he literally ran into Nino is a free spirit, going where he wants as the urge comes on Spending summer on the island sounds perfect for both of them The descriptions in this book are amazing, and made me want to visit Their story flows

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    This was a really sweet story I just loved Nino and Jonathan together3

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    For about 85% of this book, I was probably too busy wondering Hey, what happened to the tumor to properly enjoy the book.If my thoughts had a form it would have been constantly jumping up and down screaming hey tumor hey tumor hey hey hey heyAnyway.This had all the makings of a Korean drama series back from the days when the stereotype that all Korean drama series ends with someone dying from Cancer still applied The story comes pretty much as advertised J finds

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    Hmmm, I like the beginning of the story.Jonathan and Nino seem like such an opposite side of spectrum Jonathan is the corporate guy and Nino is the live free and loud guy , it s nice to thrown in these two individuals in searching for an adventure, a nice vacation in an island by the way, OFF topic, but this feels like should be a summer release, rather than February, no The structure of the story is having both men as narrators, with Jonathan narrating first chapter, the

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