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Breaking the Governesss Rules My thoughts A short light book First we have Louisa, a former governess who now live by strict rules She had her heart broken by the love of her life and she left the country But little by little old Louisa comes back Then we have Jonathon who loved Louisa and meant to marry her In comes treachery, he was told she was dead They meet again and he wants her back But trust is hard to earn back.I did like Louisa, I understood her rules Jonathon had grown too during the lost years, and I did enjoy how much he wanted to marry her even if she was a nobody Then we have the wicked stepmother who told them both different lies But it s nice to have some sort of bad guy.Most of the book takes place at a houseparty Jonathon wants to get to the bottom of thing and tries to approach her slowly Louisa tries to stand her ground but passion can t be tamed Then we have the other guest A wannabe matchmaker, and the couple she wants t I received this as a First Reads Giveaway, and was very much looking forward to reading it While the story was a light, easy read as I d expected, I found the initial conflict between the protagonists extremely frustrating Both were not listening to the other to the extent that I really wanted the heroine to smack Lord Chesterholm, insult him roundly and go back to Sorrento to live in peace, rather than fall in love with him again.Both Louisa and Lord Chesterholm changed as the story continued, and the attraction seemed natural 3.85 had read before, and quite liked it Download Breaking The Governesss Rules Michelle Styles Chardonneret.eu How Delightful To Meet You Again, Miss Louisa Sibson Jonathon, Lord Chesterholm S Eyes Bored Holes Into Louisa Sibson S Back The Former Fianc E He S Thought Dead Is Very Much Alive Louisa Has Rebuilt Her Life, After Being Dishonourably Dismissed From Her Post As Governess For Allowing Jonathon To Seduce Her Now Louisa Lives By A Rulebook Of Morals And Virtue The Devastating Lord Chesterholm Will Not Ruin Her Again But Jonathon Will Get To The Bottom Of Louisa S Disappearance And He Ll Enjoy Breaking A Few Of Her Rules Along The Way

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