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Cuba: A History From award winning historian Hugh Thomas, Cuba A History is the essential work for understanding one of the most fascinating and controversial countries in the worldHugh Thomas s acclaimed book explores the whole sweep of Cuban history from the British capture of Havana inthrough the years of Spanish and United States domination, down to the twentieth century and the extraordinary revolution of Fidel CastroThroughout this period of over two hundred years, Hugh Thomas analyses the political, economic and social events that have shaped Cuban history with extraordinary insight and panache, covering subjects ranging from sugar, tobacco and education to slavery, war and occupationEncyclopaedic in range and breathtaking in execution, Cuba is surely one of the seminal works of world history An astonishing feat the author does to explain the phenomenon of Fidel s rise to power than anybody else has done so far Spectator Brilliant The New York Times Immensely readable Thomas s notion of history s scope is generous, for he has not limited himself to telling old political and military events he describes Cuban culture at all stages not merely accessible but absorbing His language is witty but never mocking, crisp but never harsh New Yorker Thomas seems to have talked to everybody not dead or in jail, and read everything He is scrupulously fair TimeHugh Thomas is the author of, among other books, The Spanish Civil War, which won the Somerset Maugham Award, Cuba The Pursuit of Freedom, An Unfinished History of the World, and the first two volumes of his Spanish Empire trilogy, Rivers of Goldand The Golden Age

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    This book is very big It s also inadequate I would not recommend this to anyone who wants to gain a general overview of the history of Cuba It s also biased and spends a lot of time dwelling on the things it s

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    Una historia de Cuba a partir de 1762, el a o de la invasi n inglesa, hasta despu s del colapso de la URSS Fascinante, especialmente los a os ltimos de Batista y los primeros de Castro Muy recomendable.

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