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The Far Pavilions A magnificent romantic historical adventure novel set in India at the time of mutiny The Far Pavilions is a story of th Century India, when the thin patina of English rule held down dangerously turbulent undercurrents It is a story about and English man Ashton Pelham Martyn brought up as a Hindu and his passionate, but dangerous love for an Indian princess It s a story of divided loyalties, of tender camaraderie, of greedy imperialism and of the clash between east and west To the burning plains and snow capped mountains of this great, humming continent, MM Kaye brings her quite exceptional gift of immediacy and meticulous historical accuracy, plus her insight into the human heart

About the Author: M.M. Kaye

M M Kaye Mary Margaret was born in India and spent her early childhood and much of her early married life there Her family ties with the country are strong her grandfather, father, brother and husband all served the British Raj After India s independence, her husband, Major General Goff Hamilton of Queen Victoria s Own Corps of Guides the famous Indian Army regiment featured in The Far Pavilions , joined the British Army and for the next nineteen years M M Kaye followed the drum to Kenya, Zanzibar, Egypt, Cyprus and Germany.M M Kaye won worldwide fame for The Far Pavilions, which became a worldwide best seller on publication in 1978 This was followed by Shadow of the Moon and Trade Wind She also wrote and illustrated The Ordinary Princess, a children s book and authored a dozen detective novels, including Death in Kashmir and Death in Zanzibar Her autobiography has been published in three volumes, collectively entitled Share of Summer The Sun in the Morning, Golden Afternoon, and Enchanted Evening In March 2003, M M Kaye was awarded the Colonel James Tod International Award by the Maharana Mewar Foundation of Udaipur, Rajasthan, for her contribution of permanent value reflecting the spirit and values of Mewar.

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    I ve been putting off writing a review for The Far Pavilions because it s so complex and epic that I feel like I can t do it justice without writing an equally epic review But I ve put this off for too long already and so we ll all just have to be satisfied with a less impre

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    I can t believe I waited 25 years to read this again Oh well, the first copy I had I loaned out and never got back I would give this 10 stars if I could, I had forgotten how good this book was Thank you , for recommending books and Listmania so many wonderful books I would never have

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    Another book that came across my feed, reminding me that I read and enjoyed this book back in early 1980 after it was released the year before One of the many reasons I love the GR feed so much is because it helps me to add books read long ago and add them to the list I also enjoyed the minis

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    I first read The Far Pavilions by M.M Kaye when it was first published in 1978 and have since read it a few times it s become one of my favorite books ever.This is an epic novel of Ashton Pelham Martyn, an English officer, during the British Raj period in India, who falls in love with Anjuli, a half c

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    Another one of my all time favorites I don t know how I stumbled on this book, but its worth the 955 pages yeah really What I liked best about this book is the exploration of the main characters alienation He is neither British nor Indian, Christian, Muslim or Hindu, he s everything and nothing all at once Act

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    Some books get into your senses They fill your nose with the scent of a people, the lick of the sun on bare skin, the brazen gossip of silk sheets, or engulfs you with a composition of shadows that hints at something beyond line of sight M.M Kaye is a storyteller that makes you taste India She takes her own life experi

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    3.5 When I finish my own review, I m going to find like the review where the reviewer packed it in about 160 pages from the finish I m writing like when I mean applaud This novel wasof an epic struggle than an enjoyable experience 960 pages or not, I m a fast, avid reader No book should take me four months to read.My reading pr

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    Reading this book for the first time as a teenager was a magical experience for me It was the first time I had ever been so deeply submerged in a book that I literally felt dazed and disoriented when it ended and I had to return to reality They were so real for me Ash and Juli, Wally and Zarin, Biju Ram and Hira Lal Leaving their world

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    A novel about India in the late 1800s I ve been putting off reading this book despite it being hugely famous and people constantly asking me if I ve read it because I m pretty sure it s going to be obnoxiously pro colonialism The dedication, for instance, is to the author s husband and father in law, British soldiers who served in India But I m

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    I finished it I m not even going to try to summarize this, enough readers have already done so and to be honest, it s so huge, so SO HUGE that I wouldn t even know where to start Only that it s about a man born without the comfort of national borders, trying to find where he belongs in this world, and a half caste girl, a princess, who would give her lif

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