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Heart of the Raven / The Sultan's Bed HEART OF THE RAVEN by Susan CrosbyDark, mysterious Heath Raven hired private investigator Cassie Miranda to find his baby She was a smart, sultry woman who fuelled all his long denied desires Yet after she found his son, would they lose the deep connection they had forged or did fate have a surprise in store THE SULTAN S BED by Laura WrightDivorce lawyer Mariah Kennedy trusted no man especially tall, dark, gorgeous and ruthless ones but Sultan Zayad Al Nayhal was irresistible and suddenly she was sleeping with the Sultan But would he let Mariah go rather than give her a commitment

About the Author: Susan Crosby

And they lived happily ever after I ve always loved that sentence There is such hope in those words, such faith in the future and ever after love I ve always been a believer, which led me to being a reader of romance novels long before I began to write them The dance of courtship between a man and a woman, sometimes slow and bluesy, sometimes wild and uninhibited, is sheer bliss to me And the best part about writing is creating these two dancers who find their perfect partners out of all the other people on the planet.What brings them together What could tear them apart Why do they stick it out through the bad times Why do they fallin love with each other every day Finding the answers to these questions intrigues me Who are you I ask them Some characters give me an hour long monologue others clam up until I push the right buttons Eventually, I get them all to talk, even if I have to torture them a little.On my journey to becoming a writer, I did a lot of the usual things married, had children, attended college a little later than the average coed and earned a B.A in English Some not so usual things happened, too Life constantly changes, and so we must grow It s not a bad thing.I ve been fortunate enough to win some awards and receive some honors, which are listed elsewhere on this site I ve had the great privilege of working with an exceptional editor from my first book on My community of writers spans the entire country smart, funny and loyal people who share and give and support Without them, this once upon a time journey wouldn t be anywhere near as fun.

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