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Tucker's Claim KINDLE Tucker S Claim Sarah McCarty Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us He Is Everything Her Body Cravesand Everything Her Faith DeniesTucker McCade Has Known Violence His Whole Life Orphaned In A Massacre, Abused As A Half Breed Child, Trained As A Ruthless Texas Ranger, He S Learned The Hard Way That Might Makes Right.So Even He Is Shocked When He Falls For Sallie Mae Reynolds, A Quaker Nurse Unable To Resist Tucker S Charm, Character And Chiseled Body, She Throws Herself Into Their Torrid Affair, Indulging Every One Of Her Wildest Sexual Fantasies Tucker S Occupation, However, Is The One Thing About Him She Can T Embrace A Staunch Pacifist, Sallie Mae Can T Understand How His Strong, Caressing Hand Can Clench In Fury Or Pull A Trigger To Take A Life In This Lawless Land, Tucker Knows You Have To Fight To Survive But When Sallie Mae Becomes Pregnant, He S Willing To Do Whatever It Takes To Have His Family Including Hanging Up His Guns.Every Night They Spend Together Exploring New Heights Of Ecstasy Binds Them Ever Closer, Slowly Erasing Their Differences Until The Day Tucker S Past Comes Calling, Precipitating An Explosive Showdown Between Her Faith, His Promise And The Need For Revenge Tucker s Claim3 StarsHalf Native American, half white, Tucker McCade has only ever felt a sense of belonging with Hell s Eight, the men with whom he came of age in a time of destruction Now an adult, Tucker is a Texas Ranger at home with violence and danger Unfortunately, his life is anathema for Sally Mae Schermerhorn, the woman he has come to love and desire As a Quaker and a nurse, Sally Mae knows that Tucker is the last person she should love, but the heart wants what the heart wants if only Sally Mae can reconcile her mind to it.The story begins after Tucker and Sally Mae have already met and admitted their attraction to themselves if not to each other Their backstory is provided, but it would have been better had this been shown rather than told as it feels like the reader is coming into a film in the middle.Sally Mae s di 1.5 Eye rolling Stars SpoilersI am sorry but this book had me rolling my eyes so much I m surprised they didn t roll right outta my head I m going to try to keep this rant mini while still getting out everything that didn t work for me Let me start with Sally Mae the Quaker She drove me bat shit crazy with all the old English Thy, thou, and thee crap Sally was a religious Quaker woman, who had only been with her husband in very vanilla ways, it was hard to believe that a couple pages into the book she was A ready to have an affair instead of saving sex for marriage as religious people back in the 1800s tended to do and B not only had sex right away but gave blow jobs like a lady of the night and had butt sex her first time with Tucker Just sayin Now at this point in the book which was like only the 25% mark I am thinking I should just DNF this read because I am not feeling a connection with the couple and felt that Sally s character was unbelievable I pushed on because I wanted to get to Ari s book and I didn t want to miss anything that might add to the ongoing plot of the series But the book just got absurd as the pages turned Tucker pulls out an 18th century dildo and jeweled vag clamp He stic This third book in Sarah McCarty s Hell s Eight series was a very enjoyable, sweetly erotic, and mildly suspenseful read and moved along at a pretty good pace that made me want to keep turning the pages Not quite as wordy or disturbing as Caine s Reckoning, not quite as erotic as Sam s Creed, but a great effort with two pretty likable leads and the welcome return of a bunch of characters from previous books.This one picks up a few months after Sam s Creed left off, in Texas around 1859, with the members of Hell s Eight still looking for Desi s Caine s Reckoning kidnapped sister Ari Tucker McCade who is also a Texas Ranger , is hanging around Lindos, Texas, waiting to see if a lead will pan out, but also keeping a watchful eye on the widow Sally Mae Schermerhorn Sally Mae has recently lost her doctor husband to murder in this wild Texas town, and she has come to taking up where he left off, providing her own formidable nursing skills to those in need The half breed Tucker is smitten with the willowy blonde Quaker, as she is with him, even though his violent world is a Not at all what I was expecting or anticipating and that can sometimes be a good thing, but not this time McCarty set this story up really well at the end of Sam s Creed and had me itching to get my hands on it Well I was sorely disappointed because I didn t like Tucker and I didn t like the BDSM side of the story because it didn t seem to have its place.The story starts out with Tucker, who part Indian, wishing he could be with the widow Shermerhorn who s a Quaker He protects her and admires her from afar The Widow is also an admirer of Tucker s They get together right from the start of the book practically in a moment of passion Sounds all good but I think you have to like reading BDSM stories to like how the relationship between the h h here pans out.I don t like a hero whose first thing is to shove his thingy in the heroine s mouth the first time they re going at it before doing anything else really He s supposed to want her badly and that just didn t seem like the best way to show that He came across as sel

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