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Sleazy Rider When Newlyweds Emma And Kit Speed Away On Their Matching Ducati Motorbikes, Emma Knows Not To Expect A Conventional Honeymood From The Moment They Meet A Biker Gang And The Leader Takes A Shine To Emma, Events Take A Turn For The Bizarre For The First Time In Her Life She Will Be Pushed To Her Limits As The Gang S Idea S For How To Have A Good Time Get And Outrageous With Hard Drinking Rock Bands, Hunky Stuntmen, Booze Fuelled Biker Festivals And A Whole Lot Of Kinky Behaviour On The Agenda, Emma S Taste For Adventure Is Tested To The Max And Kit S Not About To Step In And Save Her From The Wild Bunch As He S Having Too Much Fun Himself A Wild, Leather Clad, Biker Orgy, This High Octane Spin Across The Continent Is Set To Send The Blood Racing.

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    Three points for world s best title I was excited when I saw this was the sequel for Up To No Good but it just wasn t the same Mostly, I just get tired of reading books only about dominition.

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    MehNot my kind of reading I skipped quite a lot since the story felt structured. Didn t feel like missed anything in between.

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    I haven t read the shades of whatever book, but I suspect that this book is a muchrealistic portrayal of the BDSM lifestyle Emma and Kit are on their honeymoon, biking across the countryside In that opening line, they are having a sexual encounter on the ferry, when Emma catches a biker on the deck below watching them For both her and Kit, this makes it just that muchexciting Just before embarking from the ferry, the biker pins a badge

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    This book.Considering it is a sequel to Wedding Games, the author seems to have forgotten everything that happened in the first book, aside from THE WEDDING All of Emma s experiences and her journey in Wedding Games were completely neglected and not at all mentioned in Honeymoon Games which showed continuity issues As well as all that, characters who were in the first book that appeared in this book did just that Appeared, just mentioned Most ir

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    The ending BARELY saved this sequel to Up to No Good After establishing Emma Kit s electrifying chemistry, why would you have them separated for 90% of this novel A poor decision by the author I won t be reading this one again.

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    Kinda thought the whole concept was a bit crazy but same as the first book really if HOT sex and anything goes scenarios are your thing this will be right up your alley I thought that she was an ungrateful dirty bitch and not particularly in a good ...

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    Black Lace Erotica

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