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The Mark-2 Wife It S Like Gadgets In Shops.You Buy A Gadget And You Develop An Affection For It But All Of A Sudden There Are Newer And Better Gadgets In The Shops.More Up To Date Models William Trevor Has Been Acclaimed As The Greatest Contemporary Writer Of Short Stories In The English Language, Likened To Chekhov For His Insights Into Human Nature These Three Tales Of Obsession, Heartbreak, Silent Sorrow And The Small Tragedies Of Ordinary Lives Are Profound, Immaculate And Beautiful.This Book Includes The Mark 2 Wife, The Time Of Year And Cheating At Canasta.

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    This mini modern classic series has been patchy William Trevor, however, is a melancholy hit Certainly worth further exploration.

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    William Trevor menulis dengan gaya introspective tentang 3 watak, Anna Mackintosh, Valerie, dan Mallory mereka cuma patut ada hobi dan dunia tak lagi akan rasa sunyi.

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    I enjoyed these stories so much that I will definitely be looking into getting someof William Trevor s writing to read His style is beautiful, and I actually felt disappointed when I d finished this short taster of his brilliance because I wantedHighly recommended.

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    William Trevor has been a great find for me I m reading his collected short stories now The Mark 2 Wife gave me insights into human character quirkily refreshing observations and sad reflections I regret I didn t discover William Trevor earlier.

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    This is the first I ve read of Trevor three shorts, domestic, bleak in the way early Mike Leigh was bleak, or Joyce, or Carver if Carver had been born the other side of the Atlantic They re less interesting than I d hoped, but it s not easy to guess how they fit with the rest of his work, not from a small gathering like this who knows what lonely pieces they d otherwise butt up against, what sm

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    Modern Classic.William Trevor very dignified, verypure, very classy and classic.This mini collection 3 tales was the perfect excuse for me to approach an until then unknown author.There is a lot of introspection, nothing really specially happening during the tale, but there are a beginning and a conclusion Somehow Joycean, altho...

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    Three short stories concerning three lonely people in crowded settings Not as good as I thought it d be, though I m not really sure why I had any expectations of it at all unless it was just because this book belongs to a Classics collection.

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    3 short stories, all touching on problems encountered by everyday people marriage break ups, depression, death Trevor avoids fantastical or jaw dropping endings, they are quite matter of fact , down to earth without being banal.

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    Only really enjoyed the first of the three stories Wouldn t read again.

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    All three stories deal with loneliness and loss of love, but not as good as I ve expected.

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