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A Breath of Snow and Ashes A Breath Of Snow And Ashes Continues The Extraordinary Story Of 18th Century Scotsman Jamie Fraser And His 20th Century Wife, Claire.The Year Is 1772, And On The Eve Of The American Revolution, The Long Fuse Of Rebellion Has Already Been Lit Men Lie Dead In The Streets Of Boston, And In The Backwoods Of North Carolina, Isolated Cabins Burn In The Forest.With Chaos Brewing, The Governor Calls Upon Jamie Fraser To Unite The Backcountry And Safeguard The Colony For King And Crown But From His Wife Jamie Knows That Three Years Hence The Shot Heard Round The World Will Be Fired, And The Result Will Be Independence With Those Loyal To The King Either Dead Or In Exile And There Is Also The Matter Of A Tiny Clipping From The Wilmington Gazette, Dated 1776, Which Reports Jamie S Death, Along With His Kin For Once, He Hopes, His Time Traveling Family May Be Wrong About The Future.

About the Author: Diana Gabaldon

Diana Jean Gabaldon Watkins grew up in Flagstaff, Arizona and is of Mexican American and English descent She has earned three degrees a B.S in Zoology, a M.S in Marine Biology, and a Ph.D in Ecology.She currently lives in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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    Poke Poke Poke AAAAHHHHHH What the..who the.where the When the Stephanie wake up It s Claire Fraser What are you doing here And should you be driving that contraption You smell like a brewery Oh Jesus H Roosevelt Christ.whaa.I m not hicup a saxtly sure how I ended up here Oh look..heehee I m sitting on the time mower..Kemper ish going to be sooo pissed at me, but what else is new.haaaaaaaa slowly sides off time mower in heap Claire, wh

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    I got through another door stopper But this one made me freaking cry in the end Just nooooooooo I will talk about that later I still love it though I guess I m going to add some SPOILERS So this review is in no particular order As I have said before I m listening to them on audio and marking my place in the book and they are all starting to run together And there are lots of things going on in the books and I love most all of it Not the

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    The paperback edition of what is the sixth book in the Outlander series is over 1500 pages long and sorry to say, I did not hang on every word Who could There s so damn many of them Talk about bloated Diana Gabaldon s editor must love her a lot, or is just too nice for the business Kill your darlings remember that timeless piece of advice from Mark Twain I love Jamie and Claire not so much Roger and Brianna and have been hooked sinc

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    Where I got the book audiobook from Audible.I have spent the best part of a year listening to the Outlander series and honestly, by this point the books are just blending into one another Most of the time the story isn t really a story so much as a container that holds a whole load of smaller stories, some resolved quickly, others left for later If things slow down, one of the women gets kidnapped, raped or threatened with kidnap or rape, or a

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    Still hardly any plot, just people doing things, a few kidnappings, rapes and childbirths, a million of scenes of Clare healing someone But at least Brianna wasn t lactating all book long this time.

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    I feel I have already written a review, with all the updates I did Where to start We know these books are long It s taking me, on average, three weeks to read them So, you sort of have to be dedicated to the genre and writing style to appreciate them.Jamie and Claire are living in North Carolina Their passion is still alive, their love is still true I absolutely love this couple Have loved watching them grow older together Ye ve no idea how lovely

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    Poor, poor ClaireDiana Gabaldon sent you to hell and back in this book didn t she view spoiler She had to endure one kidnapping, one group rape, having her husband being accused of impregnating a young girl, said girl murdered, getting arrested, losing her daughter, again, and grandchildren, to another time. hide spoiler

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    The first book had me completely absorbed in the little details and fascinating plot, the second book made me angry by the huge jump in time and then made me happy, while the third book continued to hold my interest The fourth book was a little slow The fifth book made me wish for all that time spent listening back again because really, however many pages an author should devote to homesteading, Ms Gabaldon surpassed it at least ten fold The sixth boo

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    4.5 stars This book, this series, is a total love fest You would have to love it to come this far in the seriesand be dedicated to reading these long books I m always apprehensive to start one but when I do, I m totally swept away and then I m sooo sad when I m finished As with all books in this series, DG packs an enormous amount of happenings into them and I actually had to take notes But I m not sure that I can really talk about them without s

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