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Alessandro's Prize The heroine Lily goes to visit her godmother after breaking off her engagement There she meets the hero Alessandro, whom is her godmother s sort of adopted son Alessandro is immediately drawn to Lily s gracefulness and calm nature, and wants to get to know her As he does he realises that he wants with her than a short term relationship Lily is not interested in a relationship especially after the disaster of her engagement and she is trying to make a new life for herself in Milan She enjoys getting close to Alessandro but with problems coming from her ex fianc she is reluctant to get hurt again and tries not to let Alessandro in This is a very tender and warm romance, that has two very nice characters But I do feel that the story is very slow moving, almost EVERY details of the character s movements are described and with hardly any breaks that I felt it got rather tedious There are a couple of elements that I think could have been taken further to add depth and excitement to the story e.g Lily s stalker esque ex and Alessandro s rough childhood What I did like though, is the actual courting of the characters, which is unusual in a romance novel and very pleasant to read Overall I do feel a bit let down by the story I question whether this would be suited to the Cherish line of the Romance side of the RIVA line, in my opinion it s not quite powerful enough for a Modern Originally posted at This was an OK book I enjoy a lot of the book but those were the parts that I liked the most was the filler parts I ll explain as I go along Lily Parisi, chef had her heart broken by her fiance James betrayal and goes off to Italy to visit her very cool aunt Sophia Alessandro was a young street rat that the late Giuseppe and Sophia had brought into their home as a teen and gave him the tools to be a lucrative businessman who I think owns all of the cool parts in Milan ItalyThe thing about this book is I enjoy the parts where the secondary characters pop up than the couple parts I was hoping that Sophia and Carlo would develop into a winter summer romance I enjoy Lily hanging out with Sophia and Lily working in the restaurant I was hoping James would be beaten with a high heel shoe or something than what happens to him I was thinking he cause lots of mental, physical and emotional pain but with that punishment he won t be doing that any Please note that is Sarcasm.. I think the problem I have with this book is that after a epic breakup where your heart is shattered and you are questioning your self worth a few weeks after is not the time to get into a relationship Alessandro was like nope we are going to be a thing Lily s mental conversation with the reader confirm that she wanted that too but the words out of her mouth were very different Maybe I am thinking too much into this because in my opinion Lily really needs to work some stuff out, maybe even because whereas we know James is a horn dog from the beginning, we learn as the book progresses is a man that needs to be beaten with a high heel shoe. I rarely review the Harlequin Presents books, because well, really, they are so formulaic, you sort of get what you pay for Some are better than others, and all follow one of about 6 predictable plot lines That is what I like about them When I need to escape, I can always count on a Harlequin Presents.Until now This is the most disappointing one I ve read yet I didn t feel the heat Didn t understand the attraction Did not enjoy the detail and complete lack of dialogue.Ugh. Hmmm nothing bad, just bland and boring Hero is in pursuit of a wary heroine She broke off her engagement when she found her fianc in bed with another woman She goes to her aunt in Italy to heal and recoup She meets hero, he pursues, she tries to stay aloof, her ex hounds her by text and email until he finally shows up and makes trouble Hero saves the day Takes her away and offers his love She takes some time but ultimately accepts him. 3 1 2 stars really I got a bit fed up with the thoughts all through the book It is OK to sometimes know what they are thinking but not so many times This was a story of determination and patience Bringing the ex into the story was good and made things a bit exciting I was really surprised that Alessandro s powers of seduction didn t appear earlier. The vou fighting for the girl It was really good to read a book where the guy really have to fight for the girl Alessandro was interessed in the heroin since page one and he really decided to show her He was charming, caring and lovable What i didnt like was the lack of hot Scenes In this book, although there is a lot of chemestry between the copule, the author decided to skip those parts The sex scenes Were barely there.Overwall, a really good story this is a sweet book about the slow burn between Lily and Alessandro They had met when Lily was a teenager but have re met 10 years later. She lived with her ex fiance He d longed to claim her A vacation in Milan sounds ideal to Lily Parisi Her world was rocked to its core when she found her fiance cheating on her, but now she is determined to get on with her life on her own But not for long She bumps into someone she knows Alessandro del Marc and her plans come a little undoneDarkly, smolderingly enigmatic, Alessandro has long wanted Lily but never pursued her He s always kept his cool However, now that Lily the prize he s always wanted is in his reach, he s finding it impossible to keep control The time has come to stake his claim especially since the passionate chemistry appears to be mutual He D Longed To Claim Her A Vacation In Milan Sounds Ideal To Lily Parisi Her World Was Rocked To Its Core When She Found Her Fiance Cheating On Her, But Now She Is Determined To Get On With Her Life On Her Own But Not For Long She Bumps Into Someone She Knows Alessandro Del Marc And Her Plans Come A Little UndoneDarkly, Smolderingly Enigmatic, Alessandro Has Long Wanted Lily But Never Pursued Her He S Always Kept His Cool However, Now That Lily The Prize He S Always Wanted Is In His Reach, He S Finding It Impossible To Keep Control The Time Has Come To Stake His Claim Especially Since The Passionate Chemistry Appears To Be Mutual Not her best but still a good quick read This time a rotten ex fianc e caught in bed with his long time lover follows his meal ticket to Italy in order to con his way back into her affections Lily broadsided by betrayal, goes to visit her Godmother in Italy and starts planning a move to Italy once her substantial business issues are settled in Australia Her only complication is Alessandro a street smart self made business man who is like a son to her Godmother Lily is disturbed by his attentions and Alessandro, long nourishing a passion for her is in pursuit My only problem is how predictable her books can be Sometimes Lily s actions were stupid and self defeating especially when she tries to recover from an assault by her unbalanced ex without Alessandro s help Seriously Who is that prideful Especially since the lunatic is not in police custody I found I liked Alessandro much than Lily at times.

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