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Date Night (Zero at the Bone, #1.1) Date Night Zero At The Bone, 1.1 Ebook Author Jane Seville Brazilianportuguesetranslator.us A Zero At The Bone Short Story.D Accompanies Jack To A Party With Jack S Hospital Colleagues, Plays With Legos, And Makes A New Friend.Author S Note This Short Story Takes Place Right After The Epilogue Of Zero At The Bone During That Epilogue, Jack Referred To A Going Away Party For A Colleague That He Had To Attend, And D Volunteered To Accompany Him To The Party.

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    Shorty 1 to Zero at the Bone the day after 4 StarsOnly eight pages A mingle party, thoughts from a six year old girl, dancing and sweet, sweet D now Anson and lovely Jack Sigh I just love them Are you married

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    You go with Uncle Jack, right she said What you mean, go with Ellen rolled her eyes theatrically You know Like Mommy goes with Daddy And uhlike cereal goes with milk You know D smirked Oh Yeah, I s pose I do.

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    Short and sweet The big former hitman goes to a party and makes a surprising friend A six year old girlAre you married D flushed Uh kinda, I guess Might as well be My mom says boys can marry boys and girls can m

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    Nice story, but if I was Jack, I would want my boyfriend to tryD doesn t even try He decides he doesn t like people and that s it.

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    Sweet addition.

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    I loved this short story The little girl Ellen is adorableYou go with Uncle Jack, rightShe saidWhat you mean, go withEllen rolled her eyes theatricallyYou know Like Mommy goes with Daddy And, uh like cereal goes wi

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    Adorable I want to give D a cherry cordial, he s trying so much.Favorite line Ellen giggled Yeah But Uncle Jack is nice He s not as icky He smells good and he doesn t pick his nose Two of his better qualities, yeah.

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    More D and Jack..yes

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    Cute and very short story I love D and Jack.

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    Yes, of course I had to go read MORE of Jack and D This story did not disappoint It was short but it did start where the other ended so in that respect it just seemed a continuation and not really a snippet I m glad sh

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