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Moving House Foggytown had such thick fog that people couldn t even see where they were walking Chloe and Joey wished that they could see the stars from their house, but it was far too foggy for that One foggy day when they returned home, their parents announced that they were moving As they went to bed, the two children thought about everything they would miss about this house the warm spot on the kitchen floor, the long hallway to run down, and their secret spot upstairs Then suddenly, their room moved and This story was a bit lost on me I did not get it Was it about the kids moving and loving their house Was it to make a point about the environment and having clean air I don t think kids will get the house just picking up and walking around to end up at a different point on the globe Okay The Fog In Foggytown Was So Thick That People Bumped Into Parking Meters And Streetlamps And Each Other So Joey And Chloe S Parents Decide It S Time To Move But Joey And Chloe Love Their House And As It Turns Out, Their House Loves Them And Has A Very Special And Utterly Fantastic Way Of Taking Matters Into Its Own Hands.Comic And Picture Book Star Mark Siegel Has Spun A Delightful And Compelling Fantasy For Young Picture Book Readers, Illustrated In A Unique Style That Combines Elements Of Traditional Picture Book, Comic, And Animation Art. Rabbit and I tore into this delightful book as soon as it crossed our threshold, and we loved it The story of a family that is moving house, and the children and the house that conspire to stay together, is a fun read and a deceptively simple story There is a lot happening beneath the words and around the corners of the images as author Mark Siegel explains in this snippet interview, moving house has a lot of meaning to young children, A delightful fantasy and a clever twist on stories about moving anxieties. The art was nice enough Siegel s last big project was the Siebert honor book To Dance , but the story was a little bit lost on me The city is oppressing the affluent white family with its dirtiness, so their house picks up and moves them to the peaceful countryside Did I get that right imaginative and deliciously drawn. Interesting imaginative elements, but it feels a little didactic and does not make sense overall. Loved it Funny, touching, great pictures Lovely picture book. I found this picture book in the moving section of my library, but it s not really about moving It has an environmental message specifically, the people, and even the houses, are desperate to escape all the fog, which seems to be a euphemism for air pollution As an answer, the houses all come to life, growing

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