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The Holocaust On Trial Holocaust Revisionism The Questioning Of A Systematic German Policy To Exterminate Europe S Jews, Mainly By Poison Gas Was Until Very Recently Dismissed Publicly In Some Quarters As The Equivalent To The Flat Earth Theory That Is No Longer The Case, As The Exterminationists Have At Last Been Forced To Marshall Technical Evidence Of Their Own To Counter The Increasing Visibility And Influence Of The Revisionist Position Something Resembling A True Debate Or Dialogue On The Issue May Finally Be In The Offing Should This Come To Pass, It Will Be Largely Because Of The Enormous Pressure Generated Internationally By The Revisionists Through The 1985 And 1988 Trials Of Toronto Publisher Ernst Zundel The First Zundel Trial Was Carefully Covered By The Canadian Media, But The Second Trial Suffered A Virtual Media Blackout Yes, It Was This Latter Trial Which Heard The Stunning Testimony Of Men Like Fred Leuchter, The World S Foremost Authority On Execution By Gassing And Other Means, And Ivan Lagace, An Expert On Cremation These Men, And Many Other Expert Witnesses Called By The Revisionist Defense Team, Cast Grave New Doubts On The Veracity Of All Traditional Accounts Of The Holocaust This Book Tells The Story Of Zundel S Second Trial An Event That Raises Disturbing Questions About Our Understanding Of What Is Perhaps The Most Emotionally Charged Chapter Of History, And About The Proper Limits Of Free Speech In A Democratic Society.

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    Review by historian Mark Weber of the Institute for Historical Review also The Great Holocaust Trial The Landmark Battle for the Right to Doubt the West s Most Sacred Relic on the trial the Record Straight

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