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Empire By Integration Empire By Integration Is The First Comprehensive Survey Of American Policy Towards European Integration From To The Present Lundestad Argues That, Unlike Other Great Powers, The US Strongly Supported The Integration Of The Most Important Area Under Its Influence Western Europe Taking A Clear, Chronological Approach To The Subject, This Study Tells Its Tale In Full From The Beginnings Of European Integration After World War II, The Challenge To American Policy On European Integration By Charles De Gaulle, And The Modified Support For European Integration In The Nixon Kissinger Years Up Through The Present Day Revived Support For European Integration Under The Clinton Administration Lundestad Thus Provides A Succinct, Provocative, And Highly Readable Account Of This Crucial Aspect Of American Western European Relations

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    To me, this read as an extremely long, repetitive essay It s nowthan 20 years old, too, and a lot has happened since It was a good read to get meinformed, but the writing style wasn t engaging I also think it could be shorter, like I said, it was like a much too long essay.

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    America played a significant role in European integration and they aren t given enough credit, I didn t realise the impact they had on the European integration process So this book has definitely opened my eyes.

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    Lundestad argues that the US has played a major and positive role in the integration of Europe after WWII The US had numerous motives for wanting Europe to integrate politically, economically, and militarily Integration would unite Western Europe against the Soviet Union, prevent future conflict, allow Germany to recover without becoming a threat, and aid the economy

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