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Mistress for a Weekend Nora Lang needs the most dangerous man she can find Enter tycoon Blake MacLeod He normally prefers sophisticated blondes that don t require too much of his brainpower But Nora s a challengethe perfect opportunity for a little light relief Until she acquires some important information that he can t risk being leakedNow Blake has to make sure Nora doesn t leave his sight he ll make love to her for a whole weekend

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    I reviewed this earlier this year onRecently I decided to stop being a snob about Harlequin and try reading the books for myself Resolving to start with the zenith or nadir , the Presents line, I considered 2 possible methods of attack a pick up a book with the least cheesy title from the bookstore shelf and

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    Auckland, New Zealand s Sky Toweris the tallest tower in the Southern HemisphereLOVED this one Auckland Sky Tower is where Nora Lang and Blake MacLeod meet for the first time BTW, Nora is afraid of heights and the restaurant at the top revolves Not great for her equilibrium Plus, I learned a new word in this book,

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    Cute story of a clumsy computer tech heroine who attends a high society party right after walking in on her fianc cheating on her with her roommate CEO hero is bored by the party and amuses himself by watching the sparrow heroine enter the party Heroine ends up spilling her purse in front of the hero and later spilling h

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    Nora ends up at a company cocktail party reeling from catching her roommate in the bathtub with her fiancee, Nora s fiancee to be exact Ouch Intelligent, freckles and a little on the gangly side Nora does not have much self confidence in her attraction and finding her jerk of a fiancee in flagrante did not help.Essentially, Mi

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    Some parts of this were brilliant Some not so much.I liked The clumsy heroine who remained clumsy throughout So many times authors start with a clumsy character then conveniently forget about it after the cute meet Loved the fear of heights, how it added humor but also allowed the hero to show his considerate side Liked the banter T

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    Mistress for a Weekend is the story of Nora and Blake Don t go by the cheesy title, this is actually a super fun read Our h Nora is a computer whiz, who finds her long time BF in the bathtub with her roommate Utterly infuriated, she leaves the home in a little black dress, buys a pair of kickass heels and crashes a business party There sh

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    This is the first Harlequin Presents book I have ever read I really liked it I wanted to sample the HP line and both Agent Scully and Danielle had given this book high marks I was not disappointed The writing was very good and I liked Blake and Nora I m going to look forbooks by this author and then may expand into other authors in the line.

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    Loved it A great read

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    The girl was a bumbling fool She acted like a toddler still learning to walk Clumsy heroines are just not my thing It might endear her to some readers, to me, it just got on my nerves.

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    Well this was cute and fun, if misnamed There was nothing mistressy about it, he hijacks her for a weekend, and fun shenanigans follow Low angst, a clumsy and mouthy heroine, a hero that sneakily seduces her and comes with a big wacky family Gotta have a lot of baggage for the long haul

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