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Wounded Knee Recounts the events leading to the massacre at Wounded Knee, concluding with a description of the battle itself

About the Author: Neil Waldman

Neil Waldman s paintings and prints are included in many prestigious collections around the world His oils, acrylics and watercolors may be seen in the capital buildings ofthan a dozen nations, and in numerous major corporationsHis works have garnered many awards and honours Notable among these is a gold medal from the United Nations in a closed international competition in which Waldman was chosen to represent the United States The world body selected his entry as the official poster for the International Year of Peace Today it hangs in the halls of the U N General AssemblyWaldman was commissioned by the American Brands Corporation to paint the portraits of twenty famous Americans for their centennial exhibition The American Achievers This collection traveled to museums, galleries and exhibit halls around the country, and was eventually published in a book of the same name Waldman has designed postage stamps for thirteen nations, written and illustratedthan fifty books for young people, and won the Christopher Award, the National Jewish Book Award, the Parents Choice Award, the American Library Association Notable Award, and a host of others In addition, he has illustrated the covers of seven Newbery Award winnersIn the Summer of 2006, Waldman created the Fred Dolan Art Academy in the Bronx, along with his long time friend, Marc Broxmeyer The Academy s purpose is to provide motivated Bronx teenagers with the skills necessary in the development of portfolios for entry into art college To date, twenty one students have graduated from the academy, all twenty one going on to college with scholarships.

10 thoughts on “Wounded Knee

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    The book gave me a brief introduction to the situation It s a quick read

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    This book has a wealth of history to go though, but seems crammed to get it all in The beginning is the Battle of Wounded Knee from a warrior perceptive, which will draw the students in Then there is a flashback to what lead to this point, and progressively through the book there is less and less color on the pages and text

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    This book explains what led up to and happened during The Battle of Wounded Knee The book explains why and how we had done the things we did to start the process to The Battle of Wounded Knee We had been blazing a trail through Lakota land so the Lakota started destroying the wagons Which, of course, led to fear in the Europeans, w

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    Sad What is especially bad about this part of US history is what followed WW II The US treatment of Native Americans, beginning with the Trail of Tears, was just about as brutal as much of what stalin or hitler did Chances are, both of those swine may have had the idea from the US influence.

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