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The Satanic Verses One Of The Most Controversial And Acclaimed Novels Ever Written, The Satanic Verses Is Salman Rushdie S Best Known And Most Galvanizing Book Set In A Modern World Filled With Both Mayhem And Miracles, The Story Begins With A Bang The Terrorist Bombing Of A London Bound Jet In Midflight Two Indian Actors Of Opposing Sensibilities Fall To Earth, Transformed Into Living Symbols Of What Is Angelic And Evil This Is Just The Initial Act In A Magnificent Odyssey That Seamlessly Merges The Actual With The Imagined A Book Whose Importance Is Eclipsed Only By Its Quality, The Satanic Verses Is A Key Work Of Our Times

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    I never got past page 60 in this book I read and forgot and reread and forgot again up unto about the fifth reading when I thought to myself that I might rate Midnight s Children as one of the greatest books I ve read, enjoyed the depiction of Benazir Bhutto as th

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    Satanic Verses A CompositionHe had just finished his thirty fourth reading of the play The unsaid hate, the unseen events, the half imagined wrongs they tormented him What could cause such evil to manifest, he just could not figure He loved him too much to believe the s

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    Occasionally, I will go into Half Price Books and buy a book that hasn t been recommended by any one I know, by an author I ve never read before, solely because of its critical acclaim I buy and read a book because I feel that I should, based on the general public s reaction

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    From the archives September 27 1988 The Satanic Verses, the controversial first draft of the Quran recently discovered after spending 1379 years in a safe deposit box, finally appeared yesterday to a mixed reception Wheeeeee I m so excited said one fan who had spent all night linin

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    Here s the thing about this book that you will immediately grasp from what everyone says it s a beast I do not mean this in a bad sense I mean this in the sense that it s overwhelming It s long, complex storylines that involve overlapping characters and storylines that don t overlap in t

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    Unfortunately, most people know this book from the scandal and fatwa it generated around the personage of its prolific and outspoken author Salman Rushdie rather than the book itself The thing that enraged some Muslims and the Ayatollah of Iran most of all was Rushdie s hypothesis that Mohamme

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    What kind of idea are you This question, scattered throughout the pages of this novel, is the intermediary between the author and his work A waterloo of sorts, a windbreaker giving rise to the question of the material s purpose It gives us some sort of glimpse as to why he chose to name it Satanic V

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    People jumping into this book blindly may soon find themselves wishing they had informed themselves somewhat beforehand I must claim an embarrassing ignorance about just about every aspect of this daunting work at the outset I had only the faintest whisper of a memory of having heard the phrase satanic verses o

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