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Until You Sheridan Bromleigh Had Spent Most Of Her Early Life As A Happy Vagabond With Her Unruly American Father And His Vagrant Friends Then, Given Over To The Care Of A Strict Maiden Aunt, She Was Taught To Be A Lady Poor But Genteel And Finally A Teacher When She Was Hired To Act As Chaperone To A Pretty But Spoilt Heiress Travelling To England To Join An Aristocratic Fiance, Sheridan Was Delighted Now, At Last, She Could Visit Her Family S Country But Somehow Everything Went WrongFor Miss Charise Lancaster, Not Over Gifted With Intelligence, Eloped With A Stranger Before She Could Meet Her Suitor And Sheridan Was Left With The Horrid Task Of Telling Lord Burleton She Had Somehow Misplaced His Bride As She Gazed At The Tall, Confident Man Before Her, Her Courage Failed She Was Doubly Shocked When She Heard His News Lord Burleton, A Drunkard And A Wastrel, Had Been Killed The Night Before At Which Point Fate Took Over Sheridan Was Knocked Unconscious On The Quayside, And Recovered To Find Herself In The Handsome Stranger S Care, Not Knowing Who She WasIt Was To Be The Beginning Of A Dazzling, Witty, Dramatic, And Romantic Sequence Of Events In Which Every Possible Confusion Was To Take Place

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    This review contains spoilers I really enjoyed this story I wasn t sure what to expect after having just read Whitney, My Love which could have been entitled A Tale of Misunderstandings and People Who Are Too Bullheaded To Even Consider Talking Things Out, but I digress Until You was a pleasant surprise I enjoyed the storyline and thought Stephen was ver

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    This is, without a doubt, one of the most ROMANTIC books I have ever read I can t remember another book that had me this captivated Though I must admit that I m in a bit of a fog as I sit here to write this review I went into the beginning of Until You with semi low expectations After Kingdom of Dreams and Whitney My Love shot Judith McNaught into a favori

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    3.5 It sort of dragged in the middle but picked up again towards the end Looking at you has been my favorite pastime from the moment you asked me to describe your face, he said solemnly, looking straight into her eyes Happiness began to spread through Sheridan until it was so intense she ached from it I want to change your name, he said with a tender smile,

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    4 STARSAfter recently going on a historical romance binge, I was shocked to discover that I have never read a Judith McNaught book I know, I know Quit judging me But better late than never, right Also, my sincerest apologies to my OCD squad for reading book 3 first, but I can firmly attest to this being a standalone I had no problems diving right into this w

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    5 STARS image errorLooking at you has been my favorite pastime from the moment you asked me to describe your faceAnother fabulously romantic story from Judith McNaught I am now completely addicted to her writing, and have just purchased fourof her paperbacks since they aren t available in ebook format I CAN T GET ENOUGH of these characters She has this incred

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    What a meh, blah, that s it read from Judith McNaught This book felt like it d never really end and the steam is virtually nonexistent between the h h A real disappointment for this final installment in her Westland series especially considering that the first two, Whitney, My Love and A Kingdom of Dreams, were 5 star keeper shelf reads.The whole story centres

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    Read as part of the BOTM challenge in HR book club jilted at the altar theme This was my first McNaught, and I thought her writing was in general delightful Her writing includes much sly wit and humor that I enjoyed I can see why she is so well loved by many HR readers.I really loved the heroine in many ways Sheridan is a resilient and strong heroine, a type th

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    4,5 stars I loved Sherry and how brave, honest and adventurous she is Even if her romantic mind sometimes was a little OTP she still amazed me Stephen couldn t recognize his own mind and feelings even if they slapted him in the face Such a pigheaded male He still broke my heart when view spoiler he waited with the vicar all day for Sherry to return hide spoiler

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    Review in a few I had issues with this reread.

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    While this rating and review might seem harsh after my glowing ish reviews of books one glowing and two ish , I m beginning to think my all out love for KINGDOM OF DREAMS was a fluke My rating of WHITNEY, MY LOVE was high despite the walking asshole of a hero and all because of the heroine, and in UNTIL YOU. I just can t find it in myself to rate well for any of i

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