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The Secretarys Secret Ebook The Secretarys Secret Author Michelle Douglas Terrapin Info.co.uk Expecting A Secret Bundle Of Joy With One Last Look In The Mirror, Kit Mercer Prepares To Face Her Boss Surely He Can T Wait To Sweep Her Into His Arms Again And Declare His Love Actually, What Alex Hallam Does Is Tell Her Their Fling Can T Continue He Knows It S The Right Thing To Do After His Ex Wife S Lies, Is He Really Ready For A Relationship With Sweet, Lovely Kit Until Kit Reveals She S Pregnant Swapping The Boardroom And Working Lunches For The Baby Clinic And Wake Up Feeds, They Ll Get Than They Bargained For Maybe Even Swapping Their Business Contract For A Marriage Certificate

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    Kit just had the kind of luck to get pregnant by Alex the one and only time she was with him Afterwards he harshly broke things off Then he took off for four months on a trip When she told him she was pregnant with his child, he said he couldn t be a father He had lost a child and every child reminded him of his pain The author was trying to let the reader know the kind of pain Alex was going though She

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    It started out well but then it got stuck,i was irritated by the end of it,Alex was forgiven too soon i wanted some grovel.Overall okay read.

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    Le do el 19 05 2012

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    Fancied a quick read and this was it Reminded me of the kind of books I used to read as a young teen.

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    Overall the book was pretty good to read.

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    I had to force myself to finish the book I m not sure why as the story sounds like a good one, but something about it just didn t sit well.

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    This was one of the sweetest books I ve read in a while.

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    I thought overall that the novel was great There were certain points in it that I didn t like The heroine was a bit delusional at times and the hero was an ass.

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    Eh A lot of the same argument over and over again Plus no sex, just feel we should get at least one love scene andthen 2 madding kisses Only upside It was a short read.

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    I m going to hell

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