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So Brilliantly Clever: Parker, Hulme and the Murder that Shocked the World On June In The Depth Of A Southern Winter, Teenage Friends Juliet Hulme And Pauline Parker Went For A Walk In A Park With Pauline S Mother Half An Hour Later The Girls Returned Alone Honorah Parker Lay In A Sea Of Blood On A Lonely Track She Had Been Savagely Murdered In This Mesmerizing Book, Lawyer And True Crime Writer Peter Graham Tells The Whole Story For The First Time, Giving A Brilliant Account Of The Crime And Ensuing Trial, Dramatic Revelations About The Fate Of Juliet Hulme And Pauline Parker After Their Release From Prison And Their Strange Lives Today, And A Penetrating Insight Into The Crime Using Modern Psychology

About the Author: Peter Graham

Peter Graham, born 1947 in New Zealand Librarian s note There isthan one author in the Goodreads database with this name.Peter Graham is a retired barrister who has worked in Hong Kong for over thirty years Peter Graham now lives in New Zealand and is a true crime writer.

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    How does one assign stars to this story of two self centered teens who murdered the mother of one of them so brutally that now, almost 60 years later, the details are still too horrible to read and the act too inhuman to imagine I didn t like it the subject matter was too frightening I did like it the author did a very thorough job of describing these young women, their

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    Until this book popped up in my suggestion feed, I had no idea that Anne Perry and Juliet Hulme were one and the same As a longtime fan of the Pitt and Monk novels I was quite surprised andthan a little disturbed.Upon finishing the book I watched Reflections of the Past An Open Discussion of the Parker Hulme Murder Case, as well as Anne Perry Interiors both available throughstre

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    I have to be honest say that Pauline Parker Juliet Hulme must have been two of the most arrogant, conceited, affected straight out unlikeable teenagers ever to walk on this planet Juliet Hulme did also have equally unlikeable , in the case of her father, uncaring parents Pauline s father appears to have been very distant with his children It is certainly ironic that the only parent who

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    During my teens and twenties I read quite a bit of crime, both fictional and non Eventually I dropped the true crime because it was just depressing Real crime isn t clever, motives are frankly stupid, and the criminals are largely just blundering about That s all true here Certainly there was premeditation, but the planning wasn t terribly rigorous Two teen girls who loved each other didn t wan

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    I read this as part of my New Zealand November reading project in 2015 I rediscovered the title when interviewing two women from my in person book club, and they were talking about how they use the nominations list as a to read list, often reading books that weren t voted into one of the nine selections for the year They both mentioned this one as a title they wish we had as a pick And perhaps the only

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    This was fascinating and compelling I was surprised at first that there had never been a full length book devoted to the Parker Hulme case apart from Parker Hulme A Lesbian View , and then I realised that if there was one I would already have it Peter Graham has done a wonderful job of examining this case from many perspectives and of examining all the different treatments of the story from newspaper coverage

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    Difficult read I felt that I was back doing case study work for the MS in Psychology for Counseling or at least deep in clinical related eval testing And I also came on this book Kindle completely cold turkey Never realizing at all that the author I have read repeatedly Anne Perry had this kind of thing in her past This book is deep and very dark I would not recommend it to many who read for pleasure It was not entert

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    I had such high hopes for this book, but sadly, it s kind of a mess I have required reading to do I moved this ahead of that and well, it was a mistake I m wondering, has anyone that I know seen the movie Heavenly Creatures I ve asked my co workers, my husband, my doctor, a not too hip table of people at the bar gotten a resounding No from everyone I ve seen it possibly thirty eight times I ve seen it enough times that as I r

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    The brutal murder, in 1954, of Honorah Parker by two teenage girls one of whom was her daughter shocked the world Although the story has been immortalized in Peter Jackson s film Heavenly Creatures , there are few books on the subject In this volume, Peter Graham covers the girls early years, the obsessive relationship that grew from their meeting at CGHS, and the events leading up to the murder, their trial and incarceration It is a

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    Written by a New Zealand lawyer who was a child at the time of the most famous murder trial in New Zealand s history, this is a thorough examination of the case from all perspectives The premeditated murder of a woman by her 16 year old daughter and the daughter s 15 year old friend is shocking to learn about To be able to analyze a murder many decades after it occurred makes for a very interesting history of how the lives of the families in

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