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The Flinch A Book So Important We Refuse To Charge For It Julien Smith Has Delivered A Surprise, A Confrontation, A Book That Will Push You, Scare You And Possibly Stick With You For Years To Come The Idea Is Simple Your Flinch Mechanism Can Save Your Life It Shortcircuits The Conscious Mind And Allows You To Pull Back And Avoid Danger Faster Than You Can Even Imagine It S There But What If Danger Is Exactly What You Need What If Facing The Flinch Is The One Best Way To Get What You Want Here S A Chance To Read The Book Everyone Will Be Talking About, Before They Do What Are You Afraid Of Here S How To Find Out.

About the Author: Julien Smith

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Flinch book, this is one of the most wanted Julien Smith author readers around the world.

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    The cover copy reads, A book so important we refuse to charge for it The last page of this book tells us That s why we made this book free However, it cost me 3.02 oni.e not free And it ends at 42% the rest is samples of other books I like the flinching exercises, and overall this is a pretty good motivational read, that

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    To me this was Poke the box rewritten Until I came to the end where he mentioned that the goal isn t to get used to he pain It s to understand that pain is something you can survive And the next day I broke 2 bones in my hand skiing and realized why he wrote this book for the last year I have been working to take my life to the ne

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    Words are wind , says a proverb in a popular contemporary fantasy series Here we have solid evidence supporting that saying The Flinch is a pamphlet on the topic of face your fear Specifically, face your fear of doing things, where there is no significant downside to attempting those things Which is good advice in general, but which does n

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    Another E book that is really an essay I saw this on Twitter and since it was free, picked it up.I think your reaction depends on a lot on your worldview, perspective, place in life, etc Reading the reviews you can see that some people thought it was BS while others found it very helpful.I think it is a little bit of both If you need a pep talk to

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    I m giving this as few stars as possible The basic message of the book is fine, good even it s good to face your fears But you really don t need a whole book to say that The main message I received from reading this, was People who don t flinch are brilliant and great and brave and heroic and accomplish great things with their lives, and if you re a flinche

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    Quote from near the end of the bookAt this point in most books, the authors promise you that if you do what they say, you re sure to succeed.In this case, you re sure to fail To be rejected To discover wrong paths To see whathumiliation is like, firsthand Me, after reading the above I don t like it, it sounds dangerous You re sure to live.And then yes, maybe, you m

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    This book was okay If you haven t read anything before about facing your fears and doing it anyway good book by Susan Jeffers , or any of Seth Godin s material on the lizard brain, then this might be a good introductory lesson It is not totally without value You will have to be able to look past being talked down to when you simply c...

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    Short version Have a cold shower Done.Long version Even on skim reading I just thought this was a load of pretentious bollocks Even the opener shows how strained the use of the flinch metaphor is It s about an instinct the flinch and why mastering it is vital This book is about how to stop flinching It s about facing pain So are we mastering the flinch i.e controlling and using it or

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    I m inspired to stop reading free Kindle books about inspiration for a while.

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    This book tries to be didactic and comes up woefully short by the author s assumption that he has mastered this incredible talent that no one else has thought of before and also all of his readers are idiots who won t be able to understand these basic concepts without 1 burning themselves on a stove 2 dropping their mobile devices on the ground 3 breaking a mug 4 taking cold showersMeanwhile, anyone w

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