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Bound by Desire (Brandon-Morgan #5) Ginny has a daughter who is pretty much as head strong as her She is also very sexually active She is also in love with a man with a temper and lots of lust, but he protects his lady when others try to hurt her Back on the dollar coSter again. PDF Bound By Desire Brandon Morgan 5 By Rosemary Rogers Terrapin The Magnificent Legend Of Steve And Ginny Morgan Continues As Their Headstrong, Ravishingly Beautiful Daughter, Laura, And Trent Challenger, The Untamed Rogue Determined To Possess Her, Defiantly Resist The Inevitable Longings Of Their Bodies And Souls.From Ecstasy In Parisian Boudoirs To Endless Nights Of London Pleasure And Dark Rituals In A Castle In Spain, Laura And Trent Are Tossed From Crest To Crest Of Ever Molten Desire Until At Last They Confront Their Destinies And Surrender To The Soaring Splendor Of A Love Beyond Time I love her earlier books Plain and simple I have to wonder withs new rules and in many cases justifiably so against rape and incest, will this book no longer be available There are several rapes in the telling and mentions of incent between two of the characters. Good. I loved the Ginny and Steve stories This was about their children as adults Loved that Ginny and Steve made appearances and there were many references about them too Made me laugh out loud Like Mother Like Daughter Like Father Like Son Great to witness how Ginny Ste My full review is here on my personal website I ll post a few excerpts here, though 3.5 out of 5.0 starsThe very worst thing about this book is that it just doesn t live up to expectations Rogers seems to have been goingfor shock value that story telling

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