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The Resolute Runaway Knowing the risk of running away to find a new life, Joanna heads for Brussels, where young ladies are fair game for officers looking for love before facing the foe at Waterloo When Joanna meets the heir to a dukedom, the only thing she has left to offer him is her heart Original Regency Romance

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    I find this book difficult to rate It contained some truly brilliant moments, almost Heyer level in their ability to convey a scene But then the next moment falls into the general cliches of the genre The main heroine is mousy, though thankfully not as terrible as the one from Fallen Angel When she does show pluck, it comes from within and not i

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    3.5I liked this one I thought it was a fun story Joanna is a likable heroine She has had a very hard life and lost all those that were close to her Alone in the world she is rescued by the very dashing Nicholas, who unfortunately only see s her as a sister I liked how the book starts out and was excited to see their story unfold Unfortunately, ab

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    She reminds me of Georgette Heyer Fun book.

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    A charming story in which two young ladies find love and another receives a much deserved comeuppance.

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    This started well, but I got annoyed at the constant bemoaning of Joanna being a coward, and meek Nicholas started off as a great hero, but then spent too long pining for Joanna, once she blossoms into a pocket Venus The secondary romance also dominated the last half of the book, and made Joanna seem a poor, weak spirited creature.

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    She s strong and runs away She s meek and can t figure out what to do She puts on a brave face and tries to be strong It was good escapist reading.

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    Painful The heroine has an ugly duckling to swan transformation but is so spineless and meek and so much the victim through the majority of the book, that I could barely make it through to the end Once again, Dolan takes too long to tell a story that could have been told in half the word count And the secondary romance involved a girl who was the hero

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    2.5 stars rounds up to 3 Heroine was a little too wet blanket for me It was fascinating seeing the author s voice in each of the four main characters, though like different facets of the same stone.

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    Got way too choppy and the introduction of a secondary plot annoyed me.

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    Loved the history and the characters are all delightful.

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