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A Woman Called Fancy Inte s bra som jag trodde. An interesting look at life in the south post Civil War The beginning seemed pretty dumb until I realized that it was supposed to be because the main character was so uneducated It was not a masterpiece but it was a entertaining story. Men offered everything they possessed to posess her but there was only one man she wanted From him she asked only love A Woman Called Fancy, is Frank Yerby first to have a female protagonist Set in Augusta, Georgia, the novel covers the period fromtoand races the rise of the heroine, a beautiful South Carolina woman, from poverty to prominence among Augusta s artisto crats Fancy fled an incestuous marriage arranged by a drunken father She had little education and no money But with the priceless gifts of courage, honor and high personal integrity, Fancy won out against all odds and wrenched from life a position of respect and security a life that was secure against everyone except her husband Court Brantley, had already killed one man for her and Fancy knew that if he ever found out about Jed Hawkins he would do so again I never expected to read this book because of the title but when i found here on goodreads that it was Yerby s most popular book, i decided to read it Was Quite upset when i realized it was going to be just what i had expected Another love story But am happy to havae read it as it is right up there with the best of them A love pentagon or hexagon i guess, With everyone being in love with everyone who did not love them Well written. Don t know what in the world I would think about this and all the other Frank Yerby books I read about 1956 or was it 59, I know these would be Romance Novels that I wouldn t even look at today, but, in the 1950 s during long ,hot ,un airconditioned Texss Summer s he was GREAT For some reason this is one of my favorite books, however not really sure why Probably because the heroine is charming, but I despise many of her choices that she bases on love This is one my guilty pleasure books. There were two good things about this book Some of the circumstances and events reminded me of Thomas Hardy and it has been FOREVER since I have read him And, it filled the letter Y for my A Z authors challenge Having shared the two good things, I hope you don t waste your time reading it. The girl from Storyville I LOVE this book Fancy is such a strong female character and doesn t let people get her down no matter how much of a jerk the man she loves is This was one of the first books I read as a young adult I loved it just as much on this, my second read. It s gorgeous Absolutely stunning My favorite book of all time Perfectly crafted.

About the Author: Frank Yerby

Born in Augusta, Georgia to Rufus Garvin Yerby, an African American, and Wilhelmina Smythe, who was caucasian He graduated from Haines Normal Institute in Augusta and graduated from Paine College in 1937 Thereafter, Yerby enrolled in Fisk University where he received his Master s degree in 1938 In 1939, Yerby entered the University of Chicago to work toward his doctorate but later left the university Yerby taught briefly at Florida AM University and at Southern University in Baton Rouge.Frank Yerby rose to fame as a writer of popular fiction tinged with a distinctive southern flavor In 1946 he became the first African American to publish a best seller with The Foxes of Harrow That same year he also became the first African American to have a book purchased for screen adaptation by a Hollywood studio, when 20th Century Fox optioned Foxes Ultimately the book became a 1947 Oscar nominated film starring Rex Harrison and Maureen O Hara Yerby was originally noted for writing romance novels set in the Antebellum South In mid century he embarked on a series of best selling novels ranging from the Athens of Pericles to Europe in the Dark Ages Yerby took considerable pains in research, and often footnoted his historical novels In all he wrote 33 novels.

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