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Yoga and Psychotherapy Provides And In Depth Analysis Of Western And Eastern Models Of The Mind And Their Differing Perspectives.

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    Informative, easy to digest I do very much like Swami Ajaya even though I have been turned off from the current Himalayan Institute s business mindset and there was some highly charged rumours and legal ...

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    The authors compare and contrast yoga and western psychotherapy The writing is somewhat dense as this seems to beof a scholarly work than for the lay reader Even with that, the authors provide a good understanding of where the two sciences overlap, where they differ and how they may be used together Several interesting observations western psychoth

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    Yoga Psychotherapy is one of the books in the primary bibliography of my free ebook on comparative mysticism The greatest achievement in life at suprarational.org gail2012.pdf has been reviewed on Goodreads.

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    My two favorite subjects I m surprised the authors didn t include Ken Wilbur and transpersonal psychology into the picture, but it is still a good analysis nonetheless.

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    For thestudied yogi, this book was fairly heavy but VERY informative.

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    very super

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