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A Whisper To The Living A very well written story that kept me gripped to the point I didn t want to put it down till I had read it Story about how a young girl survives the evils of her step father to come out the other side the winner and survivor. This was the first Ruth Hamilton book I read Absolutely loved it. This was the first Ruth Hamilton I ever read and I loved it This is a firm favourite of mine to this day The story of a young girl surviving the brutality of her stepfather and coming out the other side A heart warming story without sentimentality or mawkishness. this is one of the best books I have read so far, really excellent and heartwarming Annie Byrne was born during one of the worst winters Lancashire ever remembered When the doctor finally got through the nine foot drifts of snow, mother and daughter were in a pretty bad way, but both the new born Annie and her exhausted mother a spinner in the cotton mill were fighters, tough and determined not to let the world knock them down They needed to be tough, for when Annie s father was killed in the war, Nancy married again And Eddie Higson once he d courted and won Nancy Byrne turned into a nightmare of a man, terrorizing the young girl with one secret evil after another She had two friends who helped her through these bad years Martin Cullen, rough, uneducated, loyal, who knew he wasn t good enough for her, and David Pritchard, the doctor who had supported her through the worst times and who had bad problems of his own Together they watched her grow into a beautiful young woman, desperately fighting the legacy of her childhood

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About the Author: Ruth Hamilton

Ruth Hamilton is one of North West England s most popular writers She is the bestselling author of twenty five novels, including Spinning Jenny, The Bells of Scotland Road, Mulligan s Yard, Mersey View and That Liverpool Girl She was born in Bolton, which is the setting for many of her novels, and has spent most of her life in Lancashire She now lives in Liverpool source

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