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Hospital Babylon Having worked in a hospital for the best part of a decade now, even though I m not frontline I m one of the assholes in offices instead, running the organisation s websites and such , I ve heard many stories over the years that would make your toes curl, your hair stand on end and your stomach contents rapidly leave your body I can t share any of those stories with you, what with confidentiality laws and the high probability of losing my job if I did, but I can recommend that you read this book if you ve ever been at all curious as to what really goes on in a hospital.Taking anonymous anecdotes from healthcare professionals around the country and squeezing them into a narrative of the typical double shift in an AE, the format is a little clumsy at times as people stand around having awkward conversations in order to shoe horn in another anecdote, but not enough to detract from just how interesting, shocking, sad or funny those anecdotes are.Running through, amongst many other things, the self medication of doctors and the addicts dying in toilet cubicles, the RTA Hospital Babylon Is An In Depth, Amusing And Highly Insightful Expose Of The Extraordinary World Of Modern Medicine It Will Take The Reader On A Journey Through The Various Departments And Wards Where Babies Are Made, Thighs Are Reduced, Noses Straightened And Spare Kidneys Are Flown In From The Indian Subcontinent.We Will Meet Doctors Who Sleep With Nurses Doctors Who Sleep With Patients Doctors Who Fiddle Their Insurance Forms Doctors Who Suck Fat, Pump Up Breasts, Plump Lips And Lengthen Penises The Doctor Who Specialises In Flatulence The Doctor Who Shoots Up Before He Operates Doctor Feelgood Who Will Give You Anything And Everything You Need As Well As The Doctor Who Makes A Fortune Doing Buttock Enlargements In The Caribbean En Route, We Will Discover What Touches Them, What Amuses Them And Quite How Obsessively Insane You Have To Be To Make It To The Top.Why Does A Private Room Cost Over 1000 A Night Who Are The People Changing Your Bedpan Holding Your Hand As You Go To Sleep What Do They Do To You While You Re Out Cold Why Are Drugs So Expensive How Easy Is It For The Pharmaceutical Companies To Grease The Good Doctor S Palm Who Exactly Is Profiting From Your Illness, Embarrassing Affliction Or Brand New Nose And, Of Course, What Happens When It All Goes Wrong Packed With True Stories, Anecdotes And Revelations, Hospital Babylon Is A Riveting, Entertaining And Shocking Look At 24 Hours In The Life Of A British Hospital Both Amusing And Appalling, It Will Make You Question Whether You Should Sign That Consent Form After All Usmialam sie do lez, aczkolwiek jezeli choc czesc z tego jest prawda to moja stopa w publicznym szpitalu juz nigdy nie stanie Hospital Babylon is the fourth book of Imogen Edwards Jones eight Babylon books that I have read in the past few years Offering an insight into the world of situations and occupations that are glamorous and yet often ridiculed, these are pretty light reads, with input from anonymous insiders.Probably the most famous of these books is Hotel Babylon, upon which a television series in the UK was based a few years ago Hotel Babylon is also the first of the books I read after seeing the TV series , followed by Beach Babylon the story of a glamorous resort and Air Babylon the adventures of an airline steward which really freaked me out when it discussed what happens when people die on planes Hospital Babylon is the last of the Babylon books I will probably read, although I m tempted by Restaurant Babylon that was only released a couple of weeks ago, and that s because it s the last one that I find particularly interesting I m always drawn to non fiction books set in hospitals, as after working in one for than three years my favourite job ever , what I saw was enough to make your toes curl, let alone what the medical staff endure.Based on twenty four hours in a UK emergency room, seen through the eyes of one of the doctors in training, Hospital Babylon is both a look behind the scenes and at the front line of emergency medicine Funny, sad, shoc I devoured this book entirely and loved every frigging minute of it It s hilarious and educational, both politically and as an eye opener for those who work outside clinical care As an NHS worker I laughed out loud at bits that I have often wanted others to understand, such as I deserve an ambulance for a hangover when they cost 800 a call I won t list the anecdotes as ve learned a lot from this book such as hospital management, and medical terms especially drug names There was a huge number of unknown inside stories and a lot of unexpected incidents, many of which are beyond our imagination that will happen in real life I will never expect someone with a big hole behind his he I have worked in the hospital so I kinda knew quite a few of these insider secrets, so yes everything is true and there are a lot of things not mentioned in here which are just as unbelievable Most of these things never become known to the general public since most of it falls under patie It was a light read and entertaining The were some insights into the NHS and the staff, but I suspect its sensationalized I m a medical doctor and some of it brought back memories of my years in training, it certainly was not as glamorous as depicted on tv shows. InaccurateThere were several details that were not medically correct such as shocking someone with a defib when in asystole that grated Many other medical details were wrong Easy read, stories weren t as crazy as I thought they d be.

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Hospital Babylon book, this is one of the most wanted Imogen Edwards-Jones author readers around the world.

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