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The Body Economic Politicians Have Talked Endlessly About The Seismic Economic And Social Impacts Of The Recent Financial Crisis, But Many Continue To Ignore Its Disastrous Effects On Human Health And Have Even Exacerbated Them, By Adopting Harsh Austerity Measures And Cutting Key Social Programs At A Time When Constituents Need Them Most The Result, As Pioneering Public Health Experts David Stuckler And Sanjay Basu Reveal In This Provocative Book, Is That Many Countries Have Turned Their Recessions Into Veritable Epidemics, Ruining Or Extinguishing Thousands Of Lives In A Misguided Attempt To Balance Budgets And Shore Up Financial Markets Yet Sound Alternative Policies Could Instead Help Improve Economies And Protect Public Health At The Same Time.In The Body Economic, Stuckler And Basu Mine Data From Around The Globe And Throughout History To Show How Government Policy Becomes A Matter Of Life And Death During Financial Crises In A Series Of Historical Case Studies Stretching From 1930s America, To Russia And Indonesia In The 1990s, To Present Day Greece, Britain, Spain, And The U.S., Stuckler And Basu Reveal That Governmental Mismanagement Of Financial Strife Has Resulted In A Grim Array Of Human Tragedies, From Suicides To HIV Infections Yet People Can And Do Stay Healthy, And Even Get Healthier, During Downturns During The Great Depression, U.S Deaths Actually Plummeted, And Today Iceland, Norway, And Japan Are Happier And Healthier Than Ever, Proof That Public Wellbeing Need Not Be Sacrificed For Fiscal Health.Full Of Shocking And Counterintuitive Revelations And Bold Policy Recommendations, The Body Economic Offers An Alternative To Austerity One That Will Prevent Widespread Suffering, Both Now And In The Future.

About the Author: David Stuckler

Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Body Economic book, this is one of the most wanted David Stuckler author readers around the world.

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    A clear indictment of conservative economic theology that has deadly consequences for the most vulnerable in society.

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    Very concise research by the two Authors confirms what most empathetic people would think of Government Austerity programs They hurt the most vulnerable and have a major impact on their physical and mental health.

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    How Neoliberalism killsImagine Tom, a man who works from 9 to 5 in an office for a private company dealing with highly explosive equipment He s done a really good job today managing to deliver over 240 dangerous chemicals to hospitals and clinics all over the country However, he arrives back home to find out through the news that a roaring chaos is emerging

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    I hoped this would be a tremendous book And it is What we can learn from the Global Financial Crisis is that how business has been conducted in the past has failed The continual emphasis of the economic over the social or growth over justice has failed It is time to think differently It is time to be different.David Stuckler and Sanjay Basu show that one of the prim

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    Living in Malaysia and seeing the extent of the effects of the reform on social services shed some light to governance in Malaysia Although some of the actions conducted by the Malaysian government at that time was highly provocative, it s decision of a solid no to IMF was indeed a wise decision The book solidifies what successful government do to help spur the economy It pr

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    Short and still quite a bit repetitive, but represents a well presented data driven argument.Even hardened economists should heed at least this part of message If we wish to doto activate workers and boost the economy, we have to enact the right kind of stimulus Health, education, and social protection programs have among the highest fiscal multipliers In the case of the health secto

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    Digesting a Book Perhaps you d rather read it on my blog kyltra.tumblr.com The price of austerity is calculated in human lives And these lost lives won t return when the stock market bounces back This is good, this is necessary, this is important Plainly written and concise, David Stuckler and Sanjay Basu get to point Withthan sufficient data they tear down oncethe austerity delusion and dire

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    In progress The Body Economic examines the effects that economic policies in response to recessions have on public health The question that drives this book is why do health outcomes in some countries seem to improve during recessions while others worsen Previous orthodoxy on this question suggested that falling incomes encourage people to make healthier lifestyle choices eating less, walkingrather th

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    This book made me furious Not because it s bad because it exposes the lack of interest in evidence based policy displayed by many of our policymakers.The authors take the differing global responses to the 2008 financial crash as an opportunity to conduct a natural experiment, evaluating the effects of particular economic policies on citizen s health In short, they find that austerity is both disastrous and ine

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    Probably the most important public health book since The Spirit Level, this excellent study of austerity and its impact on health provides an enlightening array of examples, case studies and potential r...

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