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Schools and Politics (Monograph Series No 50) Islam Is A Powerful Force In Indonesian Culture And Politics And Was Especially So From The Years 1927 1933 When The Kaum Muda Ulama Islamic Modernist Scholars Dominated Minangkabau Social And Political Movements Their Activities, Primarily In The Realm Of Religion And Education, Had A Great Impact On Minangkabau Society As A Whole This Fascinating Study Explores The Activities Of The Second Generation Of Modernist Scholars, The Students Of The Kaum Muda Ulama, And Their Relationship To The Dutch Colonizers, Their Surrounding Environment, And Their Society The Author Focuses Especially Upon That Intersection Between Education, Politics, And Religion That Was Prominent Until 1933 When The Dutch Arrested Several Important Leaders Of The Movement And Dealt A Blow To Political Activity 1971 257 Pages.

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    Hah, buku ini ada juga di Goodreads Manuskrip ini, tak sengaja aku pinjam dari teman ku yang , kau tahu siapa lah Manuskrip ini sungguh akademik sekali Kala itu aku baca dengan cepat saja karena secara fisik ia datang dalam bentuk fotokopian dan huruf yang kecil ke...

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