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The Warmaster The latest novel in the hugely popular Gaunt s Ghosts seriesAfter the success of their desperate mission to Salvation s Reach, Colonel Commisar Gaunt and the Tanith First race to the strategically vital forge world of Urdesh, besieged by the brutal armies of Anarch Sek However, there may be at stake than just a planet The Imperial forces have made an attempt to divide and conquer their enemy, but with Warmaster Macaroth himself commanding the Urdesh campaign, it is possible that the Archenemy assault has a different purpose to decapitate the Imperial command structure with a single blow Has the Warmaster allowed himself to become an unwitting target And can Gaunt s Ghosts possibly defend him against the assembled killers and war machines of Chaos

About the Author: Dan Abnett

Is a well known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the The Warmaster book, this is one of the most wanted Dan Abnett author readers around the world.

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    This is another book about Colonel Commissar Gaunt Taking place after the events at Salvation s Reach the Tanith First and Gaunt are caught up in a warp space translation error They enter realspace and find thatthan a decade has passed since they were in real time The Forge World of Urdesh is under attack from the Chaos warbands of Anarch Sek.Gaunt and the Tanith First are sent to Urdesh to help w

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    The Warmaster is the Gaunt s Ghosts novel with the least warfare in it, and I think this makes it one of the strongest entries in the series The series has long been effectively a soap opera in spaaaaaaaaaaaace, with a whole lot of combat thrown in to keep the interest of readers Abnett is, in my mind, the best author in the Black Library arsenal, and in particular excels at depicting combat Howeve

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    longum iter iam fecimus It is indeed a long time between now and then we saw the last Adventures of the Gaunt Ghosts Five years have passed since

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    As always with Abnett, it s a great read aboutthan just the shooting ButHaving waited years for something that feels like half of a book really doesn t sit well Here s hoping the next one actually has an ending.

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    Holy thrones I can t believe I ve been reading this series for 17 years, and it s still amazing.

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    The worst of the series Very little happens, and it s padded out with battle scenes that don t have consequences It also has the stupidest plotline I ve yet seen in a Black Library book yet concerning Ibram Gaunt s progeny I have Dan Abnett s Magos on order, and I hope that all Dan s writing mojo went into that book because it sure wasn t here.

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    It s strange to think this is the first time this website has visited this series It s stranger still to think that we have gone so long after the previous novel s cliffhanger Serving as one of Black Library s big flagship series and rivaled only by the Horus Heresy novels now Gotrek and Felix has ended, Gaunt s Ghosts is quintessential Warhammer 40,000 Equal parts Napoleonic War epic and science fiction batt

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    I love me some Gaunt s Ghosts.With how great it was to finally return to the series, the ending is really nasty. Ending it on such a cliffhanger Damn you, Abnett Can t wait till the next installment.

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    The Tanith First have completed a near impossible strike mission to the remote enemy outpost of Salvation s Reach As well as stealing a vast amount of intelligence material from the enemy, their attack has triggered an internal conflict within the Chaos armies between Sek and Gaur, allowing the Crusade to reach new levels of success But a warp mistranslation on the way home throws the First into a dire new battle

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    A sharp, dark, and surprisingly complex novel in the traditionally straightforward gore fest universe of warhammer 40k.I ve been reading Gaunts Ghosts since it was a new series in the very early 2000s Its been a fascinating exercise to watch both the story and author evolve Like most 40k stories I ll admit, I m a fan Gaunts Ghost s started off as the light, pulpy gore fests that most do, but in contrast to many of

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