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Brick Lane A captivating read from a debut novelist, Brick Lane brings the immigrant milieu of East London to vibrant life With great poignancy, Ali illuminates a foreign world her well developed characters pull readers along on a deeply psychological, almost spiritual journey Through the eyes of two Bangladeshi sisters the plain Nazneen and the prettier Hasina we see the divergent paths of the contemporary descendants of an ancient culture Hasina elopes to a love marriage, and young Nazneen, in an arranged marriage, is pledged to a much older man living in London Ali s skillful narrative focuses on Nazneen s stifling life with her ineffectual husband, who keeps her imprisoned in a city housing project filled with immigrants in varying degrees of assimilation But Ali reveals a bittersweet tension between the two kinds of love Nazneen and her sister experience that which begins full and overflowing, only to slowly dissipate, and another which emerges like a surprise, growing unexpectedly over years of faithful commitment Both of these loves have their own pitfalls Hasina s passionate romance crumbles into domestic violence, and Nazneen s marriage never quite reaches a state of wedded blissThough comparisons have drawn between Ali and Zadie Smith, a better comparison might be made between this talented newcomer and the work of Amy Tan, who so deftly portrays the immigrant experience with empathy and joy

About the Author: Monica Ali

Monica Ali is a British writer of Bangladeshi origin She is the author of Brick Lane, her debut novel, which was shortlisted for the Man Booker Prize for Fiction in 2003 Ali was voted Granta s Best of Young British Novelists on the basis of the unpublished manuscript.She lives in South London with her husband, Simon Torrance, a management consultant They have two children, Felix born 1999 and Shumi born 2001.She opposes the British government s attempt to introduce the Racial and Religious Hatred Act 2006 She discusses this in her contribution to Free Expression Is No Offence, a collection of essays published by Penguin in 2005.

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    Could it take me longer to read a book I made myself read this book everyday so I could be done with it and properly hate it.Look at what the NY Review of Books said Ali succeeds brilliantly in presenting the besieged humanity of people living hard, little known lives on the margins of a rich, self absorbed socie

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    I don t know why they do it but they do it a lot on the title page it says Brick Lane A Novel And there I was expecting this oblong of printed material to be Brick Lane A New Kind of Vacuum Cleaner Anyway Other reviews would have you believe that this book is terrifically boring, beaten only for tediousness by Some Variat

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    That was not what I expected.Not that I can define very well what I did expect I am curious that Ali, after making a splash with this book and writing a fewnovels has pretty much disappeared.I supposed I imagined that this book would very strongly a novel of the New Labour era that by now would be well past it s best before date a

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    I would have to force myself to finish reading this book and quite frankly I don t want to Neither like nor care what happens to these characters.

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    There s a good reason that Brick Lane was short listed for the Man Booker award, and was nominated for a whole slew of other prizes too It is just brilliant That doesn t mean that it is necessarily fun to read A 16 year old Bangladeshi girl is married off to a 40 year old guy in London, and goes there to start a new life in almost poverty No, not e

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    I thought this book was really interesting as it gave an insight into being an immigrant in England and it also gave insights into life in Bangladesh Of course, Monica Ali has been scrutinised because she doesn t speak fluent Bangladeshi etc and I know nothing about the being an immigrant myself but I felt like the representation she gave felt really authen

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    This is not what I was expecting Don t ask me what I was expecting because it is not a definable quantity and defies explanation but when I bought this book on a whim because I liked the juxtaposition of white background and colourful printed letters, this was not it.Ali has created a book for those who love the microscopic and want a very detailed picture of a very

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    Monica Ali s prose is the literary equivalent of a curry with too many cardamom seeds.

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    I desperately wanted to like this book Having lived the immigrant, foreigner, displaced person lifestyle for so long, I wanted this book to capture everything that it means to have lost links with my own personal history in the effort to fit into the culture that s welcomed me into it s monied bosom But Nazneen is not me She s a village girl without education andimportantly, the conf

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    Rating 2 of fiveA long succession of standard tropes, cliched dialogue, and stock characters made somehow new and fresh by the fact that they re all of Indian descent.Frankly, I found it lazy and felt the decent author behind the blandness of the book should be given a D not passing, not failing, not much of anything at all I ll pass on this one s career Returned to my facility s library shel

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