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Act of War New York Times Bestselling Author Brad Thor Delivers His Most Frightening And Pulse Pounding Thriller Ever After A CIA Agent Mysteriously Dies Overseas, His Top Asset Surfaces With A Startling And Terrifying Claim There S Just One Problem No One Knows If She Can Be Trusted But When Six Exchange Students Go Missing, Two Airplane Passengers Trade Places, And One Political Asylum Seeker Is Arrested, A Deadly Chain Of Events Is Set In MotionWith The United States Facing An Imminent And Devastating Attack, America S New President Must Turn To Covert Counterterrorism Operative Scot Harvath To Help Carry Out Two Of The Most Dangerous Operations In The Country S History Code Named Gold Dust And Blackbird, They Are Shrouded In Absolute Secrecy As Either Of Them, If Discovered, Will Constitute An Act Of War

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    Better than therecent Thor offerings, but not quite up to the level I enjoyed with his first few books.I like to check out political thrillers from time to time I enjoy the action and the intrigue I understand that since they are political, they will touch on some topics related to the turbulent political h

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    Brad Thor is a talented thriller writer that spins a good yarn I have read all of his books to date and enjoyed them and would hope to continue Unfortunately, Brad s books have become a bit tiresome How many ways are there to kill a terrorist, usually a Muslim, before it become trite Additionally, and this is becomin

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    One of the things that I find so thrilling about Thor s novels is that the scenarios he describes and technology used by his characters often show up in the real news over the next 12 18 months So you know he s done his research thoroughly and crafted a story that, while it is fiction, feels completely real when you are readin

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    This is Brad Thor s best work yet He and Vince Flynn have been for some time, a collective 1 2 punch in the popular thriller category, and both authors have been significant influences upon my own work.With Flynn s too early departure, Thor now stands nearly alone atop the genre and he is clearly not sitting back and merely going throug

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    Audiobook Review1 StarThere was a reason I deleted all Brad Thor books, and Act of War is the poster child From horrid writing, best laid plans of mice and men, to proud to have a President that pays for everything on the front lines, to Americans value life and terrorists don t Harvath wanted to kill every one of them right now Mr Thor, take you

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    One of the best Scot Harvath books This time it s China with its project called The Snow Dragon embedded in America ready for different type of warfare.

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    After reading my first Thor book, Black List, I was primed to enjoy another What a disappointment this was The story line was predictable and somewhat unbelievable Most most offensive was the author s use of a novel to lay out his right wing beliefs I have no issue with novels having a point of view, but this was just blatant propagandizing It doesn t matter whether

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    As a huge fan of Brad Thor I was very excited about this one The book kept me interested from the first page and it was hard to put down I really enjoyed the story and the writing The only complaint is that I felt the ending was lacking and just felt a little rushed.

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    Not ever a dull moment when Brad Thor puts pen to paper regarding Scott Harvath Best of all, the bad guys get exactly what they deserve and it can never bethan enough 10 of 10 stars

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    The Chinese are out of natural resources and decide to secretly grab America s They plan to launch an attack, blame it on a terrorist organization, and when America is in ruins and depopulated, make claim to the country based on outstanding, unpaid loans.It s kind of a clever conceit The action is slow in the first half of the novel much brisker in the second half The writing is adequate, nothin

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