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Includes Chapters To Rated 방과 후 전쟁활동 1

About the Author: Ha Il Kwon

Associated NamesHa Il GwonHa Il KwonHa Il KwonHa Il GwonHailgwonHailkwon

10 thoughts on “방과 후 전쟁활동 1

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    Read somewhere and January review written, saved and posted better late then never, again English title Afterschool War Activities aka Duty after School Original

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    Annarasumanara , , Duty After School Afterschool War Activities, ,, Annarasumanara , , Duty After School Afterschool War Activities, ,, ,, , ,, ,, ,.lukk.svbtle

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    I cannot understate that this is the single greatest Manwa I have ever read The story telling technique, the simplistic art style, the individual characters, the indiv

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    3 5 StarsThe concept of this series is REALLY cool At first, the purple cells were the strangest things I ve ever seen But as it went on, they became extremely interestin

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    Another rating 9 10 for whole series

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    Hasta ahora me gust bastante, es muy adictivo D

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