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My Grandfathers Pants Jack Laskin Is An Ordinary Man More Than Ordinary According To Some Running The Family Hardware Store And A Life That Would Bore A Snail, Nothing Exciting Ever Seems To Happen To HimThen, At His Mother S Urging, He Tries On A Pair Of His Late Grandfather S Old Pants And Everything Changes Most Importantly His Emerging Love Life It S Not Long Before His Mother And Her Meddling Friends Get InvolvedWhen An Old Friend Of His Grandfather S Tells Jack He Has Something She Wants, His New Found Life Takes Another Turn Having No Idea What He Is Supposed To Have, Jack Looks To His Girlfriend, Connie, And Her Brother, Robert, For HelpIn The End, The Answers Will All Be Found In His Grandfather S Pants

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    This was a great story and romantic comedy.It is about Jack Laskin, who everyone seems to call Henry which was his father s name Jack is happy just working in his hardware store and living his life and going out with his girlfriend He does not need a lot of excitement But that is what he is about to get.One day his mother gives him a pair of his grandfather s pants Jack just

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    I once called Tegon Maus the new grandfather of science fiction and he still is The last book I read from him was of a fairy tale than a sci fi book but I still loved it After reading My Grandfather s Pants , I d say that he can write anything that he wants no matter what genre it is I don t know if he would be the new grandfather of another genre but I know he would still make a

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    While I found this creative fictional work both hiliarious and seriously action packed, woven within the pages are the internal struggles acted out externally As mother passes grandfather s pants to son Jack her desire and his decision to wear them would attract individuals and situations like never before Both father and grandfather s rotation with women shared by his eccentric mother

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    My Grandfather s Pants full of quirky characters and unique sub plots the main plot line is what compelled me, and that is why I give the book three stars.Joe Laskin, a young man of about thirty, is now running the family hardware store, after the passing of his father His mother, who moves out of the family home and into a retirement community where many of her closest friends live, plays

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    As with all of Tegon Maus s books I ve read, I was totally entertained by My Grandfather s Pants It is full of quirky characters and a hilariously entertaining plot As I read My Grandfather s Pants, I kept thinking that this could totally be a Quentin Tarantino movie It just reminds me of the bizarre ness that his movies have.The way that Maus describes the characters in this book brings them to

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    Well, I ve heard of stepping in someone s shoes, but their grandfather s pants Oh man, this book had me in stitches That s no surprise as most of Tegon s books are heavy on the satire.Just wait until you find out about those pants Poor Jack There s no way he could have seen his mom and her cronies coming And his girlfriend Connie It just got funnier when she became involved in the scheme those over t

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    Great fun to read Jack Laskin is just an ordinary man he has a girlfriend, looks after his mother and runs the family hardware store When, one day his mother gives him a pair of his grandfather s pants, he doesn t really want them, but she insists they ll be perfect for him.Being a good son, Jack dutifully wears them, then he discovers things change, suddenly those around him treat him differently, it s a

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    This was a very bizarre story I bounced from being kinda weirded out at the actions comments of Jack s mother and her friends to being intrigued at the mystery portion of the story I think this goes into the fantasy category because i wasn t quite sure how the pants his grandfather wore fit into the story Do these pants make the men insatiable when it comes to their physical needs Why are the women ok with th

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    This story started out strange and seemed to even out, only to get strange at the end again The rotation with Jack Henry s parents was incredibly odd, as was his mum s idea to force the same onto him Anyone spell creepy That woman was waaaay too much invested in her son s sex life.Other than that, the book was well written and enjoyable, consumed in just over 24 hours with a job and sleep in the middle It s hard no

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    When an author you really don t care about drops the ball, no big deal.When an author you really enjoy drops the ball, though that s a problem.Which brings us to My Grandfather s Pants, by Tegon Maus.Normally, I love Maus novels Short, quirky, and fun Which technically does describe My Grandfather s Pants It has Maus trademark humor, his zanny characters, and his outlandish, go for broke narrative The problem, however,

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