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I couldn t even get halfway through the first book It was too clich for me to handle I skipped to random pages and the end to see if it was as clich as the beginning and it was You have a Mary Sue teenage girl who doesn t remember anything, random flashbacks that happen way too early in the book, an instant and forced romance that doesn t have any chemistry at all to it, and the boy Jae who is a cute hot, b the person with the sense of humour, c a good fighter It reminded me of many clich s and other books I ve read, except that those books dragged the plot and romance out so it wouldn t feel forced Run would have been a lot better if the whole plot and romance was stretched out Instead, it s forced into 206 pages which makes everything extremely clich and boring to read.Zee is way, way too whiny and clich in general Jae and Zee s fight was also entirely unnecessary You ve put so many stereotypes together the protagonist being a person nobody likes at first, the cute boy a love interest for the protagonist, the snobby I am surprised I thoroughly enjoyed the book This is the second time I am reading a apocalyptic novel set in Singapore and I am really digging the idea of a apocalyptic Singapore I had mixed feelings about Zee I couldn t decide to like her or not She is whiny, really whiny and she screams at everything She is, afterall, 15 but if she had kept her cool often than not, I think I would have liked her I thought Jae was a little creepy He kept forcing himself into Zee s world and that really made ne uncomfortable I did spot a few grammar mistakes here and there but it didn t affect the whole flo As cliche as it is, coming from a local author as young as 14 years old at the time this book was published, I would say she is an excellent author Oh come on, admit it, how many of our children can actually come up with this standards since writing had not been the main focus in Singapore school until Stellar I purchased three books of hers on the pretext that my daughter somehow picked my love of reading later on And boy am I glad that she did and kept asking for Till date, I have all her 4 novels and waiting for the other instalment Do note that it is suitable read for tweenies rather than young adults and adults It is an easy read And I think all the loose ends will tie up as the story progresse Edit I thought I should give some context to my review so I did some edits Damn This book sucked My friends were all hyping about this author named Gabby Tye who had apparently written a series of Dystopian Y.A novels Yay Even Y.A Dystopia Can t wait I decided to find it at my neighbourhood library and when I acquired the book, I thought I was gonna be in for a good timeBoy, was I wrong WHAT I LIKED Nothing I liked absolutely NOTHING about this book I ll elaborate in the section after this.Now, we get to the beef of this review WHAT I DISLIKED HATED I found the main character Zee to be very flat I could never really feel what she or the other characters were feeling all throughout the book The boy Jae who comes in and sweeps Zee off her feet was a little too stereotypical Then comes in the other boy Connor who was apparently Zee s love interest before Jae Or has feelings for her Jae and Connor both love Zee and apparently she has to choose between them in later books Basically, a typical love triangle The action scenes in the book were boring and very unexciting There was no adrenaline at all The fact that Zee can predict her opponent s move An Exciting New Novel By One Of Singapore S Youngest Authors, Gabby Tye, 14 The Scientists Got It Wrong Dead Wrong Groundbreaking Work In Genetics Have Unleashed Something Unimaginable Something That Has Killed Off Every Living Thing Except Humans Somewhere In Singapore, A 15 Year Old Girl Wakes Up With No Memory She Can T Remember Who She Is, But Can T Shake The Feeling That There Is Something She Needs To Do.With Nowhere To Go And No One To Trust, She Joins A Band Of Young Survivors Like Her Together, They Must Hunt For Food And Fight To Survive Only Now, Surviving Isn T Enough Some Adults Are Changing And Developing A New Kind Of Hunger Now, They Must RUN So I was a tourist in Singapore and went into a bookstore where Gabby Tye was signing books and so I bought a copy of Run so that I could have a book signed by the author So I or less went into this book blind I liked the colour of the paper brown as opposed to the usual white and how the text was not consistently the same size It took me maybe two hours to read It was a fun little romp but I really don t think I am the tar I COULDN T BELIEVE THAT I ACTUALLY ENJOYED IT.HAHAHAHAThis book is a joke if you compared it to other dystopianS.It s like compiling all the dystopian characteristics from all popular dystopian books into one book But I enjoyed it, and that s what matter the m Considering the unnaturally high and unnecessary level of hype expressed by the general public over this book, I had expected a mesmerising, and perhaps thrilling read Alas, I m disappointed to say that this novel missed it all I ve read many books with flimsy storylines and confusing characters, yet none comes close to being quite detestable as this one.Frankly, it seems to me that the author has limited vocabulary and an underwhelming plot, all of which she attempts to conceal with a gigantic font And trying to plonk one sentence on a page is a failed attempt at professionalism in my opinion, especially if it s going to be boring than your everyday coffee shop dialogue.I understand from the Internet that the author was fairly young when she wrote this, a probable explanation for her inability to produce elegant description, but it is somehow fascinating to me that something worthy of a 9 year old s diary entries would be able to miraculously make its way to bookshelves around the world.My standards sunk lower with every page I read, with it mysteriously vanishing altogether at page twenty three Although I do commend the courage the author took towards achieving her dream, I maintain my stand that this book does not do justice to the genres it seeks to represent, and definitely, the beauty of the English Language I suppose it at best might be able to quench an occasional episode of boredom, but Run was an interesting book that I greatly enjoyed I found the plot fast moving and gripping, even if the writing style was quite simple The fact that it was set in Singapore gave it an interesting twist, and I liked recognising the place names I Finally I m on this trilogy and am not disappointed She wrote it like a diary I like that the story is not draggy ooo That rhymes XD The story follows Zee, who doesn t remember a thing when she woke up She doesn t even remember her name so she s given one Zee.She has to survive in order to understand why there are only one group of people the children and teenagers i Run (RunHideSeek Trilogy #1)

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Is a well-known author, some of his books are a fascination for readers like in the Run (RunHideSeek Trilogy #1) book, this is one of the most wanted Gabby Tye author readers around the world.

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