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Thief (Ratcatchers, #2) Read Thief Ratcatchers, 2 Author Matthew Colville Airdomains.co.uk For Years The King Bottled Up The City S Crime By Pitting The Thieves Guilds Against Each Other A Balance Enforced By Ruthless Double Dealing, Blackmail And A Special Cadre Of Secret Watchmen Now, Armed With A Mysterious Substance That Turns Men Into Ravening Ghouls, The Count Is Prepared To Upset The Balance Installing Himself As Underking, Master Of All Crime In The City Thief Battles Thief As The City Threatens To Erupt In Violence Then Heden Returns From The Forest Prepared To Exact Vengeance Against The Bishop, He Finds Vanora Caught Up In The Count S Lethal Scheming Before He Can Act, He Must Ensure Her Safety He Can Stand Against The Count, The Guilds, Even The Bishop But He Cannot Do It Alone.

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    Where the first book takes you through a dark, emotional quagmire, Thief focuses on Heden s home While everything and everyone around him seem to be feeling gating off their own demons, it s now Heden s turn to both fight and forgive This second book wouldn t let me put ...

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    Great stuff Thief delivers on the promise of Priest, with a fast paced and tighter narrative Matt Colville keeps the story moving and I found myself reading chapter after chapter Great ending and I can t wait to read Fighter Interesting characters, good dialogue, and epic deadly fights A fun series.

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    Great setting, I enjoy the details that are well thought out and give distinction from other versions of familiar fantasy tropes The layers of politics and plot are well paced In general I find the protagoni...

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    The first book in this series is one of my favorite fantasy books I thought I had reviewed it before, but since I can t locate that review, a little bit about Priest before I review its sequel Priest s protagonist, Heden, is a former campaigner, or Ratcatcher as it s called in this world Heden is a man troubled by his past and is trying to redeem himself by doing right in his present Without g

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    A fantastic sequel to Priest, this book has lots to recommend it The plot is intricate, with many actors having their own plans that intertwine with the main arc the characters are complicated and are forced to deal with both internal and external conflict Now, this is noir, which means we re going to go in expecting some problematic ladi...

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    It is worth noting that, in the time between my purchasing of this novel, and my reading it, the author has gone back and revised it I read this on my kindle, but I do believe the version I read is the pre edited version.Note Spoilers for book one.Setting The entirety of this book takes place in the city of Celkirk Imagine a fairly large city in the traditional dark ages European fashion of fantasy and

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    Thief by Matthew Colville is an amazing fantasy book that follows a method similar to the first book in the Ratcatchers series, not overly describing everything in excruciating detail The story continues following Heden as he returns from the forest and begins planning his vengeance against the ones who set him up to fail He wants to go straight to the culprit but has others he has to care about, mainly Vano

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    I enjoyed Priest a lotthan i expected to Which probably led to me not enjoying Thief as much as i expected The books are wildly different, despite sharing the same major characters Heden and many other characters are a littleinconsistently written this time around, and the expanding cast has expanding chances for some continuity or character errors A lot of character s just state their motivations through dialogu

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    And now I have to wait for Book 3 Fighter I really hope it doesn t take to long for him to finish the next book The same time I want him to take all the time he needs to make book 3 as good as the first two.This time the story develops faster than in book 1, where you kept reading because you felt Hedens confusion trying to solve the mystery of the recent past of the green order This time Heden is pissed And while he

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    Buried under the unknown backstory Once again Matt delivered an interesting story The problem is that we are still missing the background The events that lend weight to character motivation are clouded by being unexplained We learn only a littleand it fills in a few gaps but he introduced plentyto take their place And now with the addition of the next member of the group I wonder if they are all going to join as enemies th

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