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Ghita of Alizarr Ghita Of Alizarr Is A Sword And Sorcery Comic Book Created By Frank Thorne After He Ceased Work On Marvel Comics Red Sonja

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    3.5 stars.Red Sonja eat your heart out Ghita of Alizarr is a fantastic sword and sorcery comic that revels in the sex and violence that is only touched on in similar works.The only place this loses points is in how incredibly wordy it is, which sometimes slows its pace to a crawl There are expository boxes absolutely everywhere, with many of them just explaining what you can see for yourself

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    yeah, yeah, yeah bring on the you re a dirty old man remarks.The fact remains that these two volumes collecting most, but not all, of Frank Thorne s stories of Ghita are actually pretty nice.Sure, it s basically an X_Rated verson of the Red Sonja comics But seeing as Thorne had also given us some pretty nice Red Sonja, I guess we owe him thanks for giving the fan boys thisgrown up, and let s

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    I m surprised stunned by the difference between this and his other works from the Eros Graphic Albums of Fantagraphics This is the Catalan Communications edition but I assume there is no variance Lann was solid but without much depth and Iron Devil was a well hung pile of unconvincingly demonic donkey dung while this is the total package as long as you allow yourself to take sword and sorcery

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