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The Other Queen Two Women Competing For A Man S Heart Two Queens Fighting To The Death For Dominance The Untold Story Of Mary, Queen Of ScotsThis Dazzling Novel From The New York Times Bestselling Author Philippa Gregory Presents A New And Unique View Of One Of History S Most Intriguing, Romantic, And Maddening Heroines Biographers Often Neglect The Captive Years Of Mary, Queen Of Scots, Who Trusted Queen Elizabeth S Promise Of Sanctuary When She Fled From Rebels In Scotland And Then Found Herself Imprisoned As The Guest Of George Talbot, Earl Of Shrewsbury, And His Indomitable Wife, Bess Of HardwickThe Newly Married Couple Welcome The Doomed Queen Into Their Home, Certain That Serving As Her Hosts And Jailers Will Bring Them An Advantage In The Cutthroat World Of The Elizabethan Court To Their Horror, They Find That The Task Will Bankrupt Them, And As Their Home Becomes The Epicenter Of Intrigue And Rebellion Against Elizabeth, Their Loyalty To Each Other And To Their Sovereign Comes Into Question If Mary Succeeds In Seducing The Earl Into Her Own Web Of Treachery And Treason, Or If The Great Spymaster William Cecil Links Them To The Growing Conspiracy To Free Mary From Her Illegal Imprisonment, They Will All Face The HeadsmanPhilippa Gregory Uses New Research And Her Passion For Historical Accuracy To Place A Well Known Heroine In A Completely New Tale Full Of Suspense, Passion, And Political Intrigue For Years, Readers Have Clad For Gregory To Tell Mary S Story, And The Other Queen Is The Result Of Her Determination To Present A Novel Worthy Of This Extraordinary Heroine

About the Author: Philippa Gregory

Philippa Gregory was an established historian and writer when she discovered her interest in the Tudor period and wrote the novel The Other Boleyn Girl, which was made into a TV drama and a major film Published in 2009, the bestselling The White Queen, the story of Elizabeth Woodville, ushered in a new series involving The Cousins War now known as The War of the Roses and a new era for the acclaimed author.Gregory lives with her family on a small farm in Yorkshire, where she keeps horses, hens and ducks Visitors to her site, www.PhilippaGregory.com become addicted to the updates of historical research, as well as the progress of her ducklings.Her other great interest is the charity she founded nearly twenty years ago Gardens for The Gambia She has raised funds and paid for 140 wells in the primary schools of the dry, poverty stricken African country Thousands of school children have learned market gardening, and drunk the fresh water in the school gardens around the wells.A former student of Sussex University, and a PhD and Alumna of the Year 2009 of Edinburgh University, her love for history and her commitment to historical accuracy are the hallmarks of her writing She also reviews for US and UK newspapers, and is a regular broadcaster on television, radio, and webcasts from her website Philipa s Facebook page

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    This book took me quite some time to get through I have read Philippa Gregory s other books, and though they are not always factually correct, and most often read like gossip mags, I have come to enjoy them and expect that of her books This was so long and drawn out, and not at all enjoyable It is written from the viewpoint of Mary

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    This review is for the audiobook version of The Other Queen by Philippa Gregory, published by Recorded Books, and narrated by Stina Nielsen, Jenny Sterlin and Ron KeithAudio 5 stars The narration for this novel is a full fledged five stars The story is told from three viewpointsBess, Mary and Georgeand each character gets its own distinct

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    The ill fated Mary Queen of Scots.The Tudor blood ran in her veins yet she was ousted from Scotland and denied the English crown in the event of Elizabeth s death Her right to the crown is often debated amongst historians Her guardian George Talbot 6th Earl of Shrewsbury.A man torn between serving his own queen Elizabeth 1 and Mary who is thrust

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    I cannot fathom why every reader must compare every book of Gregory s to The Other Boleyn Girl I understand that it was the most popular and was made into a film That doesn t mean every comment should be This is not like The Other Boleyn Girl or This is so much better than The Other Boleyn Girl Can t an author write other books and in other writing sty

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    The Other Queen The Plantagenet and Tudor Novels, 14 , Philippa GregoryThe Other Queen is a 2008 historical novel by British author Philippa Gregory which chronicles the long imprisonment in England of Mary, Queen of Scots The story is told from three points of view Mary Stuart, Queen of Scots Elizabeth Talbot, Countess of Shrewsbury, also known as Bess of Ha

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    Gregory seems to have changed her style some since The Other Boleyn Girl This is certainly not a frothy bit of 16th century soap opera but quite a serious and well researched bit of historical fiction on life of Mary, Queen of Scots during the first few years of her imprisonment in England.It also places a great focus on one of my personal heroines of the period, Be

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    As a Gregory fan, I am very very disappointed This book has the same style as The Boleyn Inheritance, in which it goes back and forth between narratives of three different people That, I did not mind The narratives themselves are awful You have Bess Hardwich who just goes on and on and on about her properties and her candlesticks stolen from monasteries and her account boo

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    This is the latest book in the Tudor series and it is painful to get through I can pick up The Other Boleyn Girl and read through it in one sitting, but each book in the Tudor series growsandtired until we are left with the mess that is The Other Queen Using three different perspectives worked fine in The Boleyn Inheritance, but in this book they change so often, sometimes lastin

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    This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers To view it, click here First off I cheated As soon as I realized that this book was Tudor Lite, I speed read it just to be done with it Which made me sad Great Britain in the 16th century is one of my favorite periods in which to read historical fiction and non fiction, and I ve read a lot of these books over the years So Mary as

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    Full review you can find on my blog interested in history should find this fascinating Although there are multiple interpretations of the accountability of Mary and all those involved with the many plots to restore her to the Scottish throne Gregory s story is as plausible as any andfascinating than most Full review you can find on my blog interested in history should find this fascinating Alt

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