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The Elements of User Onboarding Reading The Elements Of User Onboarding Author Samuel Hulick Bassgrotto.co.uk Www.useronboard.comThis 130 Page Ebook Was Designed To Be The Most Enjoyable And Thorough Guide To User Adoption The World Has Ever Seen.Here S A Tiny List Of Things This Book Will Help You Be Better At Tee Things Up For Success Long Before The User Even Signs UpTurn Users Into Stampeding Elephants Of MotivationSet Up A Signup Flow That Pulls All The Right Ones InCraft A First Run Experience That Sets Them Up For Return VisitsSet Up Lifecycle Emails That Makes Sure Those Visits Happen

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    The Elements of User Onboarding is a fantastic resource for anyone who writes onboarding UX Samuel Hulick makes what is potentially a dry subject, a fun and entertaining read He provides a lot of wonderful, real world examples, and leads you along his course I enjoyed every page of this book and have already made plans for how to change onbboarding for my product I plan to read

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    Absolutely loved this book Opened my eyes to the importance of user onboarding which I came to the conclusion to be one of the most important skills for entrepreneurs It s one of the most important tactical books that I have ever read Loved the firs...

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    I like the effort but this was sadly not what I expected Some fun and good parts but lacked the depth and insight I was looking for The really steep price 40 gave me false expectations as it basically felt like a bunch of Medium articles compiled into ...

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    It was a great read and contained plenty of best practices I can t wait to start implementing.

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    This book is a quick read about phases of user onboarding It mainly focuses on SaaS businesses with a notion that whatever you are selling, you should help users became better at doing something instead of making them better at using your product Most of the chapters in the book are based on common sense and analyzing onboarding process of few online companies The book is easy to read and understand, howeve

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    This book doesn t waffle on, which I appreciate Instead, it gets straight to the point on how to improve onboarding The recommendations are pretty practical, as in, I feel like we can do 90% of the suggestions without alot of work.We re revising our onboarding base...

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    Great introduction to some basic on boarding principles.Very casual Some pretty metaphors.I was expecting a little .Good though.

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