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Johnny Magnificent and the I Man Written especially for parents who enjoy reading with their children This story is not preachy, but presents parents with opportunities to talk to their children on a number of subjects You can talk to them about bullying, selfworth, accepting other’s differences, divorce, race, sharing, body image, etc Young people will enjoy the story and characters without being aware of this deeper level It’s up to each parent to decide whether to raise an issue or not Every chapter is a short story to hold your child’s attention Some sections are fast paced fun, while others are thoughtful to help parents find out what sort of writing appeals to their young reader Of the three main characters, a boy and girl each narrate part of the book so this will appeal to all genders The overarching story is based on an ancient fable about a dragon that lives on the outskirts of a village The dragon grows bigger as the story is retold, until the day a brave child decides to face the dragon fearThis color version is the most fun for kids You may want to start them reading the sample portion to be sure your child is able to distinguish the various colors of the text Sorry, I’m not able to afford printing a color paperback versionPlease contribute feedback about any lessons you talked about with your child I would like to compile a free companion book filled with ideas from parents Enjoy reading with your children!

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Striking out on my own in 1973, I went into business at age 17 My life has been spent in the unusual profession of buying, selling and restoring mechanical collectibles I went on many adventures tracking down old music machines and coin operated equipment to bring to the market or bring back to life I met a wide array of fascinating people in this pursuit Those I met ran the gambit; from Willi

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