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Do You Have a Plan? (Self Improvement & Habits #1) This Book Will Dig Out The Master Planner That Has Been Hiding Inside Of You, And Who Is Hungry For Getting Things Done And Having Fun While Doing It It S Ironic How Much Time And Energy We Dedicate To Figuring Out How To Plan An Entertaining Evening Out, How To Make Our One Week Trip To An Exotic Place Unforgettable Or How To Make Others Feel Bad For Things They Ve Done To Us Or, Yet When It Comes To Figuring Out How To Make Our Life Easier, Better And Happier, We Tend To Put Any Sort Of Planning Aside. Received in a Goodreads Firstreads giveaway November 2014 Thank you.Nice quick read The first part is applicable to anyone and is a good common sense planning guide with reasoning and motivation to plan The second part is muchbusiness orientated and is not quite as appli

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