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Killshadow Road (The Gates #5) Download Killshadow Road The Gates 5 Author Paula Graves Apasxolisi.eu Nick Darcy Thought He D Left His Past Behind Until McKenna Rigsby Showed Up Wounded On His Doorstep Nick Darcy Has Always Needed Rules So When He S Temporarily Suspended From A Job He S Dedicated His Life To, The Unstructured Days Ahead Make Him Desperate For A Distraction That S When A Blast From The Past Resurfaces On His Front Steps, Bleeding And Spinning A Wild Tale Of Assassins On Her Trail Their History Is Complicated But Nick Is Still McKenna Rigsby S Best Chance When It Comes To Surviving Her Cover Blown By A Mole In The FBI, She Needs A Partner Who Can Stay Levelheaded In A Firefight She Has No Doubt They Re Headed For A Showdown And That This Time, There Won T Be Any Rules Left To Break , A read that has you wanting to go and help them track down the bad guys and keep the girls safe. 4 STARSMcKenna s cover has been blown and not only are the bad guys after her but so are the good guys She only has one place to turn when she needs help Nick Darcy.Nick found a place for them both to stay while they tried to figure out what was really going on They knew thati they wanted their name cleared, they would have to discover the evidence on their own.I read this over the Christmas holiday ad thus found the ending a bit convoluted But that could be from the fa Keeps your interest enjoy reading the series. From the cover Nick Darcy thought he d left his past behind until McKenna Rigsby showed up wounded on his doorstep Nick Darcy has always needed rules So when he s temporarily suspended from a job he s dedicated his life to, the unstructured days ahead make him desperate for a distraction That s when a blast from the past resurfaces on his front steps, bleeding and spinning a wild tale of assassins on her trail Their history is complicated But Nick is still McKenna Rigsby s best chance when it comes to surviving Her cover blown by a mole in the FBI, she needs a partner who can stay levelheaded in a firefight She has no doubt they re headed for a showdown And that this time, there won t be any rules left to break I really enjoy this series I m not the big on the romance part, but I do like the action suspense I m getting drawn into The Gates and Ale Such a great book I am really enjoying The Gates series but this one was special.I liked that it was a clean read with a hero and a heroine who were smart and had good values Neither were prepared to let their guard down in a perilous situation to explore the attraction between them as so often happens in these stories They were smart and got appropriate back up for their situation.The story begins with the FBI Agent heroine McKenna Rigsby realising she has been betrayed and could quite possibly die without help In desperation she seeks help from the man who haunts her dreams She rationalises that she whether he helps her or not, she would like to see his face one last time before she dies.Nicholas Darcy has just been suspended from Alexander Quinn s The Gates agency which is currently involved with taking down a domestic terror group Darcy is suspected of leaking information and so is free to go into Protector mode when a beautiful woman from his past comes to his door with gunshot wounds.Darcy and Rigsby met at the American Embassy in Karizistan I wonder if that story will ever get written and Darcy i This is an exciting story with compelling characters and a roller coaster plot McKenna and Nick are both wary of attachments but strongly attracted to each other They also have a past trauma in common that binds them almost as strongly as that attraction The author does a beautiful job of making the reader care about the characters I was totally invested in finding out the identity of t This for some reason has been my favorite story..I guess because it was good to see Darcy not be so starchy.he is at home when he hears something at his door..when opening the door a woman falls in bleeding and heartHe is trying to find where the blood is coming from and he sees a blast from his past..McKennaHe helps her in and starts treating here..she is running from the FBI as they are t Good story Nick is at loose ends because he s been temporarily suspended from his job at The Gates, suspected of leaking information about another agent see Deception Lake As he s wondering what he s going to do with his time, a wounded FBI agent shows up on his doorstep And not just any agent, but one he has a history with McKenna Rigsby has been undercover in the Tennessee mountains, trying to get information on a local militia group suspected of domestic terrorism But her cover was blown by someone in the FBI and now she s running for her life She hasn t seen Nick in eight years, but he s the one person she knows she can trust.Nick goes into protector mode, determined to keep McKenna safe She doesn t know who she can trust in the FBI, so she is on her own But with Nick s help she feels that they can find out who is responsible Because he s on the outs with the people he works for, he doesn t have quite as many resources as he would usually have But he hasn t been locked out entirely, and uses the contacts he has to help figure out who is behind the attacks on her There s a lot of off the record stuff going on in this story Though Quinn suspended Nick, it s obvious that he still trusts him He strongly suspects that McKenna is with Nick, and gives his unspoken support to Nick s plan to help her However, being Quinn, he st FBI agent McKenna Rigsby seeks help from Nick Darcy when she suspects that one of her co workers had betrayed her She and Nick had survived an attack on an embassy in a foreign country She knew she could count on him.

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