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The Test This Is The Long Awaited Autobiography Of The Greatest Rugby Player Of Our Time Brian O Driscoll Since 1999, When He Made His International Debut, There Has Been No Greater Player In World Rugby Than Brian O Driscoll In 2010 Rugby World Magazine Named Him Its World Player Of The Decade And Since Then The Legend Has Only Grown Now, At The End Of His Amazing Career Which Culminated In Fairy Tale Fashion With Ireland S Victory In The 2014 Six Nations Championship He Tells His Own Story Honest, Gritty And Thoughtful, Brian O Driscoll S Autobiography Is Not Just An Essential Sports Book It Is An Essential Book About Family, Friends, Hard Work, Courage And Imagination An Amazing Career There Will Only Ever Be One BOD Dan Carter A Thoroughly Enjoyable Read After Reading The Test I Warmed Even To O Driscoll As A Player And A Man He Stood For A New Ethos In Irish Sport That Refused To Accept Mediocrity Or Glorious Failure Fergal Keane, Irish Times O Driscoll S Honesty Takes The Reader To A Place They Simply Have Not Been Before Vincent Hogan, Irish Independent.

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    I really enjoyed this book It was good to hear about his early career, how he fought through all the inuries and personal tests he had to overcome You felt you were sitting listening to Brian chat.Well worth a read for any rugby fan.

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    Not perfect, but filled with moments of charm.This is the first sports autobiography I have ever read, and I wasn t sure what to expect I am a huge rugby fan and as much a fan of Brian O Driscoll as any English person can be You definitely need a good knowledge of not just rugby, but particularly Irish rugby, to fully enjoy this book everyone and his uncle is given

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    unfortunately I found no substance in this read, rather it was like a diary from one match to the next I was hoping to get to know about Brian O Driscoll rather than a running commentary on games from school to finish No insight into management both provincial international, nor teammates or opponents He has little in way of either positive or negative comments on t

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    This book took me AGES to finish, simply because I didn t want to I kept picking it up and then putting it back down, always aware that as soon as I finished it Brian s rugby career would officially be over, for me I did enjoy reading his account of everything, and noticed a difference in his voice in this book and A Year in the Centre He seemed less concerned about g

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    Possibly the worst sporting autobiography I ve read, very little insight into the man or his life Reads like a season by season scorecard We learn nothing about what re really thinks of other players or coaches.Avoid avoid avoid.

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    A pleasant read, but superficial and without any deep thoughts on anything much including the many controversies Confirms the general rule that, wit ha few exceptions Richie McCaw, Brian Moore, David Kirk the better the...

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    This man is the greatest rugby player I have seen I am biased, being Irish, but seeing him take teams apart at times was extraordinary and his leadership of Leinster and Ireland was second to none Loved readin...

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    One of my favorite rugby players of all time Great book on his life.

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    great book

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    With the World Cup shortly to begin in England, I thought I d get into the zone by reading the autobiography of undoubtedly one of our best players for the past fifteen years.Prior to the book s publication, there had been much talk about the changing of the ghost writer from Paul Kimmage to Alan English After finishing the book while I lay on my bed nursing a hangover , I

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