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A French Pirouette What an amazing read from beginning to end It s such an amazing story of turning your life around after tragedy and learning to start over and create a new life for yourself.Suzette a prima ballerina has had an amazing career but it know seems as if her career is slowly coming to an end Injuries are becoming frequent and are taking longer to come back from But where does she go from here Is there life after dance Libby on the other hand has lost her husband and is trying to find the will to go on and be happy again and give her daughter Chloe the best life possible She then has a crazy idea, should she pack and bags and realize the dream that her late husband once had to open a BB Can she really do it on her own Lastly there is Brigitte, she has been running the BB in France for so long, her husband would like her to sell and retire and have the life they have always dreamed of, relaxation and vacations.These thr This is a beautifully written, gentle, romance novel centred around the small auberge in a quiet village in Brittany.Over one summer at the auberge we meet three different women whose lives are brought together at a time when they all have challenges to face Libby, a widow from London is approaching her fortieth birthday and wondering if she can fulfil the dream she and her husband once had, Suzette, a ballet dancer from Paris is facing the prospect of having to retire from the stage and Brigitte, the newly retired owner of the auberge now has to make a new life for herself in the village They all have dreams, fears and decisions they must make but in finding each other they find themselves cocooned in a bond of friendship that gives them the strength to move on I ve not read many novels set in Brittany, so this made a nice change and Jennifer s wri Copy received from NetGalley in return for an honest review This is a charming and readable book with several different character s stories criss crossing and interacting Libby reminded me of a Trisha Ashley heroine in many ways that s a good thing and I really liked Suzette the ballerina I thought the balance in the book between the stories was great and if the dialogue s Frenchisms sometimes annoyed Originally posted on Paris Baker s Book Nook.There wasn t a thing I didn t love about this book from the moment I first saw it As a ballet dancer since the age of two and a lover of all things french, A French Pirouette sounded absolutely wonderful, and it had a beautiful cover to top it all off.Thankfully, this gorgeous book did not disappoint It is an utterly charming tale of self discovery and new beginnings.Suzette s ballet career is drawing to an end, and sustaining any injuries may bring that end sooner than she d like But where does she go from there She needs an escape, somewhere to recuperate and decide what to do, somewhere where no one knows who she is.She s not the only one looking to escape, as recently widowed Libby is also looking for a fresh start Her late husband and her had always loved the idea of life in France, so when the auberge they ve always visited goes up for sale, it seems like an opportunity too good to lose, but can she really do it on her own Brigitte on the other hand has always loved running the auberge, and while her husband is than ready to settle down into a quiet and peaceful retirement, Brigette struggles to let go of their old life.The three women are all very different, but every one of them loveable, as they each find themselves at a turning point, where they have decisions to be made and new directions to take This book is a dream to read as their lives intertwine, and they discover friendship, love an What a delightful read I loved this story of three women, all at different stages of their lives, who meet and become friends Libby, a widow decides to buy a French bed and breakfast to fulfill the dream she and her late husband had Suzette, a ballerina who is reaching the end of her famous career and Bridgette, the owner of the inn who s husband is ready to retire and travel with her These three women form an amazing friendship and along the way there appear several handsome men to fill th Suzette is facing the fact that she may have to give up being a prima ballerina after injuries threaten to cause lasting damage But what will she do after she stops dancing is there a world beyond that Libby has lost her husband but is thinking of buying a bed and breakfast place that she used to love visiting with him Can she cope or could it be a mi Sissy Oh please, let me go and meet Libby and Suzette and Brigitte in the village Boulangerie and have a Pain Au Chocolat Does that not sound like heaven Bubby At times in my life when there is no possible After some of the heavier books, A French Pirouette was a great fluffy contemporary novel I found the three women protagonists to be refreshing to read and easy to connect with The readers relationship with Au Revoir Old Life, Bonjour Brittany Parisian Prima Ballerina Suzette Knows It S Time To Hang Up Her Pointe Shoes Before Her Next Injury Ruins Her Ankles For Good But Dancing Is All She S Ever Known And She S Terrified Of Who She Ll Be After That Final Curtain Falls.Meanwhile, Lonely Londoner Libby Is Pouring Her Life Savings Into Buying An Auberge That She And Her Late Husband Had Loved Visiting On Holiday It S A Huge Risk That Could Leave Her Broke As Well As Broken Hearted.And Then There S Brigitte Who S Retired To The Village For A Slower Pace Of Life, But Who Dreads Seeing Someone Else Run Her Beloved Auberge.Three Fresh Starts One Unforgettable Summer I am in love with anything French, and this novel gave me perspective on a different area of France The title and opening perspective from a prima ballerina left me feeling a little misled about what the book was about, but I still enjoyed it, ev

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