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A Month in the Country That night, for the first time during many months, I slept like the dead and, next morning, awoke very early One summer, just after the Great War, Tom Birkin, a demobbed soldier, arrives in the village of Oxgodby He has been invited to uncover and restore a medieval wall painting in the local church At the same time, Charles Moon a fellow damaged survivor of the war has been asked to locate the grave of a village ancestor As these two outsiders go about their work of recovery, they form a bond, but they also stir up long dormant passions within the village What Berkin discovers here will stay with him for the rest of his life Carr has the magic touch to re enter the imagined past Penelope Fitzgerald

About the Author: J.L. Carr

Carr was born in Thirsk Junction, Carlton Miniott, Yorkshire, into a Wesleyan Methodist family His father Joseph, the eleventh son of a farmer, went to work for the railways, eventually becoming a station master for the North Eastern Railway Carr was given the same Christian name as his father and the middle name Lloyd, after David Lloyd George, the Liberal Chancellor of the Exchequer He adopte

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    But then, inevitably, as happens to most of us, first through Saturday umpiring, later Sunday chapel, I was drawn into the changing picture of Oxgodby itself But, oddly, what happened outside was like a dream It was inside the still church, before its reappearing picture, that was real I drifted acros

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    I am a seasonal reader, often craving books with sizzling settings in the summer months and snowy locales in the winter Last week I saw a review for J L Carr s Man Booker winning A Month in the Country and was intrigued enough by the title to read it for myself Using stunning prose combined with well develop

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    Tom Birkin is hired to reveal and restore a Medieval church mural, covered up over four hundred years earlier Expertly peeling back the layers of lime and grime, what he finds on the walls is unexpected in subject and quality What he learns about people, especially himself, is unexpected too the process of restorat

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    You re happy, Mr Birkin You re not on edge any Is it because the work is going well Of course, she was right Anyway, partly right Standing up there on the platform before a great work of art, feeling kinship with its creator, cosily knowing that I was sort of impresario conjuring and teasing back his work after four hu

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    If I d stayed there, would I always have been happy No, I suppose not People move away, grow older, die, and the bright belief that there will be another marvelous thing around each corner fades It is now or never we must snatch at happiness as it flies Do we recognize happiness when we live it Or is it a condition we only per

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    This will likely enter the list of my all time favorite books I found myself saying glorious several times and then stopping to thank my parents for instilling in me their love of reading That brought me so belatedly to this treasure of a book.I know that the basic story is well known, the young re patriated soldier, spending a month i

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    Can you remember a time in your life when you were truly happy If I search my memories, I find a sixteen year old girl sitting in a canoe, with a boy, fishing at two o clock in the morning by the eerie light of the midnight sun, on a glassy lake near Whitehorse, Yukon Everything is tingly and pulsing with youth I look a little and see myself

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    When we pick up a book by an author we haven t read before, we have only the vaguest notion of what themes it will contain We don t know how those themes will be treated, what attention to detail we will find or if the language will delight us or otherwise Before we turn over that first page, it is all as blank as a whitewashed wall We may bring exp

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    What does it take to be happy First of all it takes tranquility And so often the happiest days of our life are those when nothing crucial happened.So a month in the country was a real treat to the protagonist and A Month in the Country is a real treat to a reader Well, we all see things with different eyes, and it gets you nowhere hoping that even one in a

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    This is the sort of efficient novella that demands a short, incisive review full of judiciously chosen adjectives, and presumably that s what it will get if MJ ever gets around to reading it In my case, however, it s unfortunately one of those texts that is going to send me off on a long personal anecdote, for which I offer advance apologies.When I was twenty one

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