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When Our Worlds Fall Apart Love Is Complicated Add In High School And It S Bound To Get Worse Kennedy Conrad Spent Her Summer Hiding From The World, Leaving Her Plenty Of Time To Relive Every Moment Spent With Graham Black Now At The Start Of Her Senior Year, She Has One Goal Avoid The Boy Who Broke Her Heart He Seems To Be Everywhere She TurnsLetting Go Isn T Always The Easiest Thing To Do Graham Black Spent His Summer Parading Around With Nameless Girls At Endless Parties At The Start Of His Senior Year, He Pretends To Be Okay With His Choices And Masks His Pain, But Graham Can T Escape The Reminder Of His Own Broken Heart Every Time He Turns Around, She S ThereSometimes People Come Into Your Life For Different Reasons Someone New Reminds Kennedy What She Deserves, Leaving Graham Two Choices Be Pushed Back Into The Shadows Or Fight For The Only Girl Who S Ever Understood HimCan They Find Their Way Back As Their Worlds Fall Apart

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    A love like ours, you fight for.A love like ours means we ll always find each other

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    We re selfless when it comes to the other There has never been any doubt of the love we share It s the type of love we feel even when our worlds aren t connected, even when things seem impossible and broken A love like ours, you fight for A love like ours means we ll always find each other Damn s

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    Ohhhhhhhhhh my word..I can t with story Kennedy and Graham are going to give me a freaking coronary if they don t get their s together And Mark That guy picked the shortest damn straw of the bunch GAH

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    I really loved Mark, he was sweet and such a nice guy I was actually rooting for him all along.

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    All the Feels I think I was in tears the whole book As you can see by all my highlights I love this authors words Kennedy and Graham are broken people and are trying to live without each other This story is heart wrenching and also hopeful It also allows you to see how you can heal yourself and become stronger I want to thank

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    5 STARSYou know how you said that you d always love me Graham nods I ll always love you, too. That s not enough for us though, is it Graham asks Of course it s not, I whisper Promise me you ll find your happy, he begs. I cried so much reading this book Every time Graham and Kennedy are with each other, reliving what happened in the pas

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    YES, YES, YES WOW PHEW I am emotionally drained This book makes me believe the saying there is a fine line between love and hate And to help you understand this is why This books starts with Kennedy and Graham trying to cope with everything that has happened to them during their junior year the accident, their relationship, betrayals, abuse, the

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    What can I say I love this book, this series I want so much for Graham and Kennedy to get their sh together It s just like teens to make things harder andcomplicated than they need to be The back and forth, the angstugh I want their HEA now But like most things, good things come to those who wait Grahamyou want to throttle him the same time you want to hu

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    Beautifully writtenI absolutely loved this second book, I cried a lot I can t wait for there to be another one For some reason Kennedy S Grahams story has stayed with me long after I have read the books I hope there will be a follow up book to come

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    I m an emotional mess Brbhave to catch my breath from that rollercoaster Review to come.

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