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A Million Years in a Day: A Curious History of Daily Life One Of My All Time Favourite Books About History Erudite, Witty And Packed With Things You Ve Never Thought About DR PETER FRANKOPAN, Author Of The Silk Roads A New History Of The World Structured Around One Ordinary Modern Saturday, A MILLION YEARS IN A DAY Reveals The Astonishing Origins And Development Of The Daily Practices We Take For Granted In This Gloriously Entertaining Romp Through Human History, Peppered With Amusing Pop Culture References, Greg Jenner Explores The Gradual And Often Unexpected Evolution Of Our Daily RoutinesThis Is Not A Story Of Politics, Wars Or Great Events, Instead Greg Jenner Has Scoured Roman Rubbish Bins, Egyptian Tombs And Victorian Sewers To Bring Us The Most Intriguing, Surprising And Sometimes Downright Silly Nuggets From Our Past Drawn From Across The World, Spanning A Million Years Of Humanity, This Book Is A Smorgasbord Of Historical Delights It Is A History Of All Those Things You Always Wondered And Many You Have Never Considered It Is The Story Of Your Life, One Million Years In The MakingThe UK Paperback Edition Is Revised And Updated With Extra FactsOTHER REVIEWS If You Find Yourself Secretly Relishing Your Children S Horrible Histories Books, You Will Love Greg Jenner S Jolly Account Of How We Have In Common With Our Ancestors Than We Might Think All Human Life Is Here, Amusingly Conveyed In Intriguing Nuggets Of Gossipy Historical Anecdote DAILY MAIL A Wonderful Idea, Gloriously Put Into Practice, Greg Jenner Is As Witty As He Is Knowledgeable TOM HOLLAND Delightful, Surprising And Hilarious, This Is A Fascinating History Of The Everyday Objects And Inventions We Take For Granted LAUREN LAVERNE Greg Jenner S Magpie Mind Takes You Through The History Of Who We Are And What We Do, Answering Tons Of Questions You Never Thought To Ask AL MURRAY Like Visiting The Most Wonderful And Cluttered Museum, Each Chapter Like Another Room Teetering With Illuminating Ideas And Information ROBIN INCE Hugely Entertainingfull Of Astonishing Insights HISTORY REVEALED MAGAZINE Jenner Has A Vivid, Colloquial Turn Of Phraselively, Funny And Completely Absorbing CURRENT ARCHAEOLOGY MAGAZINE

About the Author: Greg Jenner

Greg Jenner b.1982 is a British public historian, broadcaster, and author noted for using humour and pop culture to communicate the complexities of the past He is the author ofDEAD FAMOUS AN UNEXPECTED HISTORY OF CELEBRITY, FROM BRONZE AGE TO SILVER SCREEN 2020 and A MILLION YEARS IN A DAY A CURIOUS HISTORY OF DAILY LIFE, FROM STONE AGE TO PHONE AGE 2015 He is also the Historical Consultant to BBC s Emmy and multi BAFTA award winning comedy sketch show HORRIBLE HISTORIES, being solely responsible for the factual accuracy of over 1,800 sketches and 120 comedy songs He also worked on HORRIBLE HISTORIES THE MOVIE ROTTEN ROMANS.As a broadcaster, Greg is the host of the chart topping BBC comedy podcast YOU RE DEAD TO ME in which comedians and academic historians are paired up to explore different historical subjects with a bold blend of humour and nuanced detail He is also a regular voice on BBC Radio 4, and was resident historian on the science and history series THE ORIGIN OF STUFF, hosted by Katy Brand In 2019 he wrote and presented a 3 hour radio documentary about historical comedy for BBC Radio 4 Extra called HILARIOUS HISTORIES in which he interviewed Stephen Fry and several other guests He s made numerous other appearances on British national radio, TV, podcasts, and has written in numerous newspapers and magazines.On TV, he co hosted BBC2 s INSIDE VERSAILLES discussion programme for two series, and was one of the expert panellists on BBC2 s THE GREAT HISTORY QUIZ broadcast on Christmas Eve 2015 , joining team captains Lucy Worsley and Dan Snow.Greg is both a passionate defender and careful critic of the way in which the past is exploited for entertainment He is an Honorary Research Associate at Royal Holloway, University of London where he teaches on the Public History MA course He also teaches occasionally at his alma mater, the University of York, where he studied for 4 years before abandoning plans for a PhD to instead go into the TV industry.Greg is an avid Twitter user and his handle is greg_jenner.

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    I haven t got anything to add to what I wrote whilst reading the book Except it s very forgettable Not a substantial tome but for someone interested in a light and entertaining presentation of history by a light and entertaining author, you might really enjoy this book It s not a bad book just one where the style was at odds with the content and I found that very disconce

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    Since it s still August and therefore still History Month for me, I spiced things up with this hilarious non fiction book Basically, it goes into detail about our daily routine and where many things come from by looking at one day a Saturday, thank goodness, or we d have had to talk about work URGH.The chapters are divided into hours of the day, starting at 9 30am and ending at mi

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    For what this is, a witty accounting of technological progress through recorded history, it s quite excellent.Of course, you must be naturally curious and willing to put up with a lot of excrement jokes, too, but hey That s what history is all about A never ending avalanche of shit.Well, maybe I m mostly talking about the Medievals, but the Renaissance and even the Romans were pretty gross

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    Coming at you hard and fast with silly jokes andthan you ever wanted to know about the history of various human bodily functions, this audio book proves that history doesn t have to be gravely serious to be valuable While it s not breaking new ground, it does provide a humorous examination of the lens of familiarity difference through which we view the past After all, isn t that where the interesti

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    A clever idea for giving historical refs to our daily lives, so that the subject of breakfast touches on the history of domesticated chickens, bread, meal traditions etc Very much in the amusing overview that gives you funny facts school of Horrible Histories for adults Unfortunately it falls between two stools it just isn t very funny to my mind, and I am unconvinced how reliable the history is e.g the old

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    Historical tidbits, humorously collected and compellingly presented How do the ordinary things done in a single day compare to those of 100, 1000, or 10,000 years ago Topics include Time, Toilets, Food, Pets, Communication, Clothes, Beds, Alcohol and Dental Hygiene Recommended Not intended to be a complete history of everything and anything, this still has a lot of information while also being quite a bit of fun I l

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    The wonderful thing about history is that no matter how much you know, you can never truly know it all The scope is just too vast This brilliant book looks at a 24 hour cycle in our modern life and asks the question why do we do that and where did it come from Starting with getting up in the morning, it follows a person doing normal things..but looks at it from the perspective of Why are we so fascinated with keeping time bl

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    A fun book For example, I was unaware that the Tower Bridge in London used to have facilities that emptied out directly over the Thames, and the passing boats below Gross, but pretty funny when you think about it A good book for teens.

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    Immensely entertaining and educational The author walks us through a typical day, and discusses the history of the key parts of the day from keeping time to brushing teeth to breakfast to food to going to sleep I really enjoyed this

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    I was drawn to the idea of a book describing a day in the life and using this as the structure for investigations into how and why we do the things we do So many aspects of our ordinary day are completely taken for granted sleeping through the night, waking up at dawn or when the alarm goes etc Jenner goes through the evolution of our daily rituals.We get mini histories of topics as diverse as toilets, champagne, manners and dental hygiene.Humorous, c

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