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The Truth Behind The Lies All Of Nina Norwood S Relationships End In Shambles She S Getting Older And Desperately Wants A Lasting Commitment A Chance Meeting With Charismatic Sebastian Vandervol Takes Her By Surprise He Offers Something Fun, New And Uncomplicated He Awakens Desires Nina Had Long Forgotten She Craved Sebastian Is Perfect By All Accounts That Is Until He Reveals He Had Lied To Her Nina Wonders What Other Lies May Live Beneath The Surface Is The Tall, Handsome, Sexy German Too Good To Be True If Nina Digs Deep Enough Maybe She Will Uncover The Truth Behind The Lies CLIFFHANGER ALERT This Is Book One Of Two This Novel Is A BWWM Interracial Romance It Is K Plus Words Long

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    Two things for certain, and one thing s for sure Lolah Lace is the truth I didn t think she could write a male characterbrash,suave,brazen,utterly maddeningly sexier than Mason Rizza, but Sebastian Vandervol In the words of our heroine Nina Norwood This man here I don t even know where to begin wi

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    This is Nina and Sebastian s story I loved the couple I like the chemistry they have going on I like the interaction between the couple I liked that the story is centred on them There are minor characters but the majority of the story is about the couple.I do not think that Bash is crazy, I believe he reall

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    The high won t subside Poisonous kisses take over and give me a chance to fly and a chance to cry Love slowly spreads over me Over us Of this I m sure Still it s not enough to stop the choir from singing a continued chorus of doubt inside my head.Nina She s just about wrapped her head around it She s about to give up

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    A great read Love love loved it This is a story about love , trust and secrets Nina and Sebastian met fell in love quickly and started a relationship While Sebastian was quite a charmer Nina was fierce yet a little timid Sebastian s past threatens their future A past he refused to share with Nina When Nina was faced with secre

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    You have my undivided attention This book is everything and nothing like I thought it would be Does that even make sense Loved the dialogue I really enjoy Nina She s so real to me I hate that I have to wait for the answers to my questions Lol

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    I LOVED THIS BOOK 3With that said, I still feel like it s an understatement Ms Lace knocked it out of the park with this book, and after reading it I was chomping at the bit to read book 2.Nina meets the incredibly handsome and sexy Sebastian in an elevator They start talking and he invites her out to coffee, and she agrees They share some flirta

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    In this book Nina and Sebastian Bash meet and he in no certain terms lets her know that he is interested Although this book is given from each of their perspectives It is mostly about what is happening with Nina.Nina has concluded her business at the police department and on her way to leave when she encounters Sebastian in the elevator Sebastian states hi

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    A steaming two point of view BWWM story You know I love a confident female and alpha male And when this power couple turns out to look like Alexander Skarsgard and Gabriel Union, the story is on its way to set my imagination on fire The story line is well written, the characters well thought and the heroine is pretty funny Especially those little comments she makes

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    Wonderful Read This book was a great departure from the Balls to the Walls series I didn t think I could move on from that set, but this book proved me wrong I would absolutely LOVE to see a spin off with Jack as the main character The last book in that series left me breathless What I adore about Ms Lace s writing is that the scenes are never repetitive or mundane The descri

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    Looks can be deceiving I read the beginning of this book then stopped,I finally came back to it and re read it again to make up for lost time and I was hooked Chemistry between the two leads started off hot,heavy and freaky I wantedalphaness from Sebastian to me it felt a little flat towards the end This is my first read by the author, I really loved the dialect she kept up because it

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