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There's Only Two David Beckhams Ever wasted hours debating your All Time England XI Well now it sand the discussion is finally over, England have eleven players as good as any of them The unbeatable national team have reached the final of the Qatar World Cup But one journalist is convinced there is a scandalous secret behind England s incredible form His lifetime s dream is to see the Three Lions win the World Cup But if he pursues and exposes the shocking truth, his beloved England could be sent home in disgraceSuddenly this is much than England vs Germany it s Love vs Duty, it s Truth vs Happiness The pressure of the penalty shoot out is nothing compared to this There s Only Two David Beckhams is John O Farrell s love letter to football part detective story, part sports memoir, part satire on the whole corrupt FIFA circus it just made the final for the funniest football fiction ever written

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    This book is genius, and I wish I had written it More pace than Gareth Bale on the wing, and almost as skilfully constructed The author is obliged to take some gambles with the names of those who will feature in football s future between now and 2022and with only one exception overtaken by real life events of equal farce I reckon he s guessing correctly Anywa

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    I was having a conversation with a couple of friends recently about books, and one of them asked me to recommend something light and funny To my surprise, I found that I really couldn t it s been such a long time since I read something like that and enjoyed it The last time I attempted something along those lines, I ended up reading Nick Spalding s Fat Chance,

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    I have no interest in football or understand the appeal, and yet something attracted me to this book I m glad it did Hysterically funny, nose tappingly knowing and brilliantly observed even if I don t quite get ALL the references , it s a very silly story that you can t help but get wrapped up in.

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    Brilliant Over the Moon On cloud nine Definitely a game of two halves and extra time, of course and penalties, obviously 2022, bring it on

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    Football has rarely been successfully covered in fiction, and unfortunately this book was no exception The reasons offered are normally along the lines of fictional stories rarely improving on the natural drama of a sporting contest, but in this case it was a sense of humour that I just don t share, and found it really tired Slapstick football can work with funny

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    John O Farrell 2015 THERE S ONLY TWO DAVID BECKHAMSLondon Black Swan 4 out of 5 stars The sleeve reads, Ever wasted hours debating your All Time England XI Well, now it s 2022 and the discussion is finally over England have eleven players as good as any of them The unbeatable national team have reached the final of the Qatar World Cup But one journalist is convinc

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    Football is something I absolutely loathe, particularly the culture it engenders in its over paid, pampered, melodramatic professional players who seem to dive and roll around at the brush of a sleeve as well as the tribal violence it can promote Having said that, this book, described as part love letter to football and part detective story is, surprisingly enjoyab

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    This was fun, funny, and slight Some good tropes on being a fan, and some funny daft observations on British football, especially in the set up I don t think the Carlton Palmer references might give this universal appeal I think, though John O F could have been a little braver with the plot, and perhaps makeof a Hornby impact.

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    Some way short of his best work Typically it contains plenty of O Farrell s trademark humour, and his knowledge and affection for the beautiful game come through, but the the plot is weak and predictable.

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    hilarious in a weird way

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